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Meeting Scheduler Systems

Meeting Scheduler system is used to schedule meetings according to the available time slots. Despite, being such a important software , its very easy to implement.

Defect Tracking System

Defect tracking system is also known as bug tracking system. It is a software application and it keeps track of software bugs which is reported by either end user or by internal app in software development cycle.

It is one of the most important component for ideal software development firm because when we develop software first time, we don't know how it is going to work on different environments and situations. So, to keep the track of the bug we need to know all the information about it and its causes such as location, time, events happened before.

This information is either reported manually or by some internal bug reporting program. Sometime, email is prepared by the system and sent to programmers with end user permission.

All these reported bug is stored in this tracking system to manage this data and get information from it.

Programmers keeps on working to solve issues according to their priorities and keep that info too on this system only.

This system help programmer to move towards the goal of error free program.

Sbug defect tracking system :  written in Java, using JSP and PostgreSQL

The Providex (tm) help desk management software : written as an alternative to bugzilla, and other defect tracking systems. It is written entirely in Providex, a business basic language. 

Software change analysis tool

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Post office System

In this post we will discuss about two types of post offices; one type of post office is a place which provide us letter, courier , money deposit and similar type of services and other one is a type of protocol used for advance tasks.

Online auction system

Java based online auction system

EveryAuction:   well-known free Perl online auction applicatio

Auction Mage: sniper software to manage and bid on your online auctions

Bartertown :online auction application for small communities (colleges, workplaces, etc). It has been built with symfony, and currently supports a LAMP setup.

Time table related projects

Time table is important part of human life.The basic difference between human beings and most other species on earth is that we follow strict time table while others don't. We know when to sleep , when to work and manage our life accordingly. Moreover, Our schools, parents teach this to our children from childhood. In this post we will discuss how computer programs helps us to manage it more specifically.

Resource Management System

Success of any enterprise depends on how well it manages its resource. Computer engineers plays vital role to help an organization to achieve that. You can too develop RMS as your final year project. It will be beneficial for you to understand real world problems. 

OrangeHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management System that covers Personnel Information Management, Employee Self Service, Leave, Time,Attendance, Benefits, and Recruitment.

Meta Resource Management System : management system for use by small and medium-sized businesses and business departments (30-500 employees)

VRMS:This project aims to develop a system that integrates scattered resource in various virtual environment as one management and manages them.

Inventory Management Systems

Inventories are vital part of any business and there is ever increasing demand for management system for it. If you are interested you can select this project. To understand its concept use given links :
PHP Wine Inventory Management System : phpWIMS is a complete and precise wine inventory management system with an easy-to-use PHP web interface.

Once you understand the concept of this project, you can customize it according to your need. For example basics of all the inventory systems are similar and if you want to create inventory system for product other than wine you can do it by slight modification in code.

Windows Inventory :   A Computer Hardware and Software Inventory system. Based around wmi, vbscript, mysql & php. Expandable via modules to include software distribution, remote control, event viewer, disk monitoring, etc

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Resume builder computer project

Resume is very important first step for any individual seeking job. This project deal with this problem; it helps to create resume automatically. This project can be used as minor project for both computer science and information technology students.

I am posting three links for downloading source code for this project which gives you clear idea about how to develop it.

1.The Cool XUL Resume Generator : web based application for creating and maintaining professional resumes

2.XML Resume Library :  XML document type and set of XSL stylesheets for the web and print production as well as the metadata mangement and B2B exchange of resumes and curricula vitae.

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Image Processing Projects

What is Image Processing ?

Image processing is similar to signal processing where we interpret images as two dimensional signal and apply standard techniques of signal processing.

Solar Powered Stirling Engine Generator

What happened in Japan , can happen anywhere.This disaster is clear warning for the dangers of nuclear energy.Many countries started to avoid nuclear fuel for future energy needs. Even though nuclear energy is great source of green energy ,but because of natural disasters such as Tsunami and earthquake ,it can be dangerous too. In this post we are going to discuss about electricity generation using solar.

It is highly recommended to go through Stirling engine  post before reading further.As we know Stirling  project is very easy to implement.While, in general Stirling engine we use candle as a heat source ,here we would use solar energy.

Links which would be helpful :

Solar Heat Engines 
Stirling Engines : Scrap to Power 
Related PDF :
Solar Dish

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Generate electricity using this engine :

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Online Movie ticket reservation

Ticket reservation has always been a favorite project for computer science and information technology students. While working on this project student get practical knowledge of database and front end language.

You can use any internet language for this project such as PHP, JSP or ASP.NET . Its all depend on you , whichever you are comfortable with. For databases, you need to know concepts of normalization as well as SQL .

Source Code for this project :
CinRes Cinema

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Digital Audio Processing

Audio Processing can be done in two ways, one is analog and other one is digital. Most preferential way now days is Digital Audio Processing because analog signals are representation of data streams which are variable in time whereas digital stream is representation of same data in discrete points(samples). More samples we have more accurate our data is.

Quiz Projects

You can build general knowledge (gk ) quiz application. It will have two interfaces , one for user who takes the test and another one for administrator who can create, edit, update or delete test. Moreover it will have two other modules, one for calculating the marks of the user and other for reporting it.

This project can be build in any language but if you want to learn programming skills, you should build this software in C,C++ or Java . High level languages such as VB or .NET .If you want it to build quickly you should use ruby on rails.

For database, you can use mysql. It is open source and available for free.

My personal favorite method is to use CMS( Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal).

In this post, I will discuss the wordpress method with you and it will not take only couple of hours for your own professional quiz management system. It is five step procedure:

Step 1) Install xampp (for linux and windows) or MAMP for Mac

Step 2) Open phpmyadmin from admin panel of your first step installation server

Step 3) Create database quiz

Step 4) Download and Install Wordpress CMS . Installation requires details of your database name, username and password. Write database name as "quiz", username as "root" and password given at the installation time.

Step 5) Install WP-Pro-quiz plugin and you are done.

If you have any question regarding its installation, please let me know using comment box given below. I would be happy to oblige.

I am posting you few projects from sourceforge which will help you to understand these type of projects :


2.Pro Quiz

3.Open Mobi Quiz for Mobile

4.Open QB : Exam maker for teachers

Hydraulics project ideas

What is Hydraulics ?

Hydraulics is a science which deals with mechanical properties of liquid. It is basically liquid form of pneumatics. In pneumatics, we use compressed air and in hydraulics we use compressed liquid. When we compress liquid, it gets pressurized and It use power of pressurized liquid for doing various tasks.It works on the principle of Pascal Law which states that when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid, there is an equal increase at every other point in the container.

You can find hydraulic machines from your backyard to big construction site.


It works on very simple concept that when force applied to incompressible liquid at one point, it gets transmitted and multiplied at another point.  Multiplication factor of this force depends upon the area of piston.

Industrial engineering projects

 What is Industrial engineering ? 

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with the optimization of complex processes or systems.You can do various kind of projects in this branch specially related to robotics. In this post we will discuss some other projects done by previous students at various universities around the world.

Discussion forums

We get to see many discussion forums across the internet in many different languages. Their main purpose is to provide platform to the user for discussion. These forums are not only useful but they are extremely successful.You can imagine their success just by the fact that , it is difficult to find a single person who do not use them(either read or participate) once in a month.

In this post we are discussing about three most famous forum coded in different computer languages.You can download them from their respective sources.
Download Source codes :


PHPBB : phpBB is the world's leading Open Source flat style discussion forum software. It includes all the features you expect to find in today's top of the line software.

Viking board

Discussion forum in PHP and MYSQL


Yet Another Forum.NET

Free Discussion Forum In ASP.net and C#


J2EE Forum : A J2EE based web application which is used for discussion on various topics. Users can post on individual topics and ask questions which will be answered by other users.

Yazd forum software : This forum software is a Java based discussion forum, that uses JDBC to store data in a database. This discussion forum is available in different languages and has features for easy integration into a site and easy administration of forum.

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MetaSearch Engine

Meta search engine is a tool which send user request to multiple search engines and get the best result out of it. For eg if you search in meta search engine , it will send your query to various different search engine such as google, bing, yahoo and bring back the best result from them.

Meta search engine project

To build your own Metasearch engine you will need following class :

1. A regex class : It can be used to quickly parse large amount of text to find specific character pattern.
2 WSDL files of search engines and license key : Provided by search engines with key which is free
3. Program for interface.
Learn more about it


Ojax -Ajax Powered meta search service
Metasearch uses an advanced search system to search for news articles headlines. 
MetaB O-QE

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Perpetual motion machine

What is Perpetual Motion ?
Perpetual motion would occur in a device or system if a motion, once started, were to continue indefinitely.It is believed to be practically impossible because of friction motion can't continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. Moreover, it is against the law of conservation of energy, so it is virtually impossible to build such a machine.

Yes, on paper it appears possible, but when implemented practically, system starts losing energy gradually and it gets stop after some time.

If it is impossible why it is important ?

It is very important concept to learn and study because it helps us in understanding energy reuse method and concepts. Though it does not run for infinite time but yes, it use lesser energy than any other system.


This system use gravity or metallic energy to move the system. In one of the most common method of these machines, they keep on side of the wheel always heavier, either by water or by transferring some kind of weight. This heavier part keeps pushing wheel downward with the help of gravity and this machine should remain in motion but in real life, it starts to loose energy and eventually stop.

More about these machines

Useful Links :

Mr. Gaar's perpetual motion machine
Perpetual Futility
History and detail of these machines
Museum of Unworkable Devices :This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures.

Build your own

The Basement Mechanic's Guide to Building Perpetual Motion Machines

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Propeller Monorail Student Project

As its name signify in itself, monorails are trains which runs on a single track. I thought of discussing with you because recently in Mumbai, India. Government decided to use it for public transportation. Though this technology is not new but I got excited to discuss the possibilities it brings when we think about elevated monorail. This is going to be very helpful because they will need less space and can be used at the middle of the road i.e divider.

If you consider monorail as one of your project, that the best thing is that you can power your engine using any source you would like to use. For example electric engine, diesel engine or solar powered dc motors etc. These trains are commercially used in Japan and they are very successful too. Moreover, technology adapted in maglev trains has also come from these trains. To build monorail project either elevated or on ground, you need to found how you can innovate it in such a way that it brings something new within your work. In my opinion, as a student, you will find ground trains are easier to build but I before jumping to any conclusion, I would like you to do lot of research and find each and every minute detail about how you can build this for yourself.  I have shared couple of links below and I hope you will find many of them useful.

As far as the student project is concerned, monorail has lot of potential as shown by the Students of Australia as they used monorail for their final year project. The best thing they did is to use other components with this train to make their project stand out from other student's work.

Their train not only follow the line as line following robot  but it is smart enough to stop at various stations.

What is Propeller ?
What is Propeller monorail ?

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Mba project Ideas

Mahabharata and Geeta :  

You can do management case study on epics like Mahabharata , Bhagwat geeta or Ramayan. There are lot of material about these epics on google. I am posting you few related to management and mba.
Read about geeta and management
M.P.Bhattathiri Bhagwat geeta Mba skills

Automatic light control

In present scenario where energy costs us both environmentally and economically, it is wiser to save electricity. Automatic Light control can helps us to serve  our energy saving purpose.Moreover, we can implement similar idea on something very useful such as Automatic Traffic Light control System.This project is for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV

What is UGV ?
Unmanned ground vehicle is very useful and it saves many precious life at the time of war.It consists of camera which send video to the control system or base computer. There are two types of UGV: One is controlled by us and other one which is autonomous and takes its own decision.

For the first type of UGV signals are transferred to and fro from the vehicle and for that reason it has both transmitter and receiver fitted on its body. Design of this vehicle vary according to the needs and requirements. In this article I have collected lot of pdf files to share with you and which would be great resource for you to start with this project.
Related Pdf :
PointCom: Semi-Autonomous UGV Control with Intuitive Interface

Planning and Control of UGV Formations in a Dynamic Environment: A Practical Framework

Real-Time, Multi-Perspective Perception for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

High speed hazard avoidance for unmanned ground vehicles in emergency situations.


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Aeronautical Engineering Projects

What is Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering ?
High Altitude Student Payload

Micro Gravity

Balloon Satellite Project : This is NASA Sponsored Project of West Virginia University where students launch satellite in and above stratosphere using Helium powered balloon and track it using GPS System.

Student space system fabrication lab

RC Planes 
RC Helicopter 
Man  Powered Helicopter
Wind turbines using kites
Solar Powered RC Airplane

Design and build your own RC Plane

Build an introductory level rocket

Turbojet Experiment

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Mobile control electrical appliances

Why we need this project?
Yes, all user appliances comes with their own user interface but this user interface is very complicated and sometime difficult to use.Moreover, if you are not around or not at home , you can't use that interface remotely. So, to solve this problem we can use smartphones or Personal computers to control them remotely.

Biotechnology project ideas

What is Biotechnology ?
It is generally accepted as the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products.

Traffic Light Controller

Population in cities are increasing with each passing day and according to various estimates day is not far when most of the world population starts to live in city. With sudden rise in population cities are facing problem of traffic congestion which causing infrastructure problem. To counter this problem, automatic traffic light controller can play vital role.

Temperature Controlled Fan

Temperature controlled fan can sense the environment around and adjust its speed.It is similar to Air Conditioners we use nowadays and fuel efficient.Moreover, it is based on two very important concepts of electronics which are sensors and circuits.

Automobile engineering project ideas

automobile engineering project ideas
Automobile engineering is very interesting field and its importance in our life is indisputable.Automobile engineering is vast field and there are many different types of projects we can do.It ranges from petrol engines to diesel engines, diesel engines to hybrid engines and hybrid engines to completely green technologies. Moreover , as we all know that every new car has its own CPU and Memory and with having them into our cars, ideas are not in scarcity now. I my self got amazed with the new technology driven innovation in the automobile industry where Tesla, Apple and Google, all wants to become part of. Experts in the sector already starts talking about the next competitors of GM and Ford, which is not going to be Toyota abut the technical companies I mentioned above.Moreover, with news of Lary Page's startup flying car is just around the corner, we can surely say that it is very exiting time in the automobile industry.

Collision Avoidance for UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle are not uncommon know days.We all know about it. But as they are flying more regularly, possibility of their collision has increased. This project is to counter that possibility.

For any collision to take place, objects must be on same possible in the given period of time and to avoid that we must avoid this necessary condition. In this post we will see about the methods which can be implemented to reduce this possibility using sensors, navigation systems and radars.

Image recognition using FPGA devices

Face recognition is very important technology in recent scenario of security threats world is facing. It is implemented on defense campuses, security building and offices. Now days it is used in social networking sites like facebook, orkut and our laptops. FPGA is field programmable gate array.

Robotics projects for engineering Students

Robotics Projects for engineering Students
To be honest with you, in all ideas I shared with you, this is my favorite section.Here, we will discuss Robotics projects which will give you insight of these beautiful machines and helps you learn artificial intelligence and machine learning. We all wants to make our life easier and safe and Robotics engineering students plays a vital role in making that happen. In this post, I will try to discuss best topics I have discovered while studying about this branch. Moreover, some of the ideas discussed here wins in student's college competitions. These include robots who help in fire fighting to the one which are useful in construction. I don't know whether you will select something from this article or not but it will definitely help you in your selection of topic.

Generate electricity from Dance Floor

We all know that dance is great form of exercise.While dancing we loose lot of energy and project we are discussing today will help us to conserve this energy in the form of electricity.


To convert human energy into electricity and conserve it into battery.


To implement this project we need to use Piezoelectric materials, which has special quality of producing electricity when stress is applied on them.This effect was first studied by Carl Linnaeus and Franz Aepinus in the mid 18th century and generally occurs in crystalline materials such as quartz , topaz etc.These materials consist of asymmetric unit cells and when pressure is applied on them they get  more aligned and regular which produce potential difference between them.

To understand it , we need to know about Hooke's law and electric displacement.Hooke's law states that that stress is directly proportional to strain. When we combined these two concepts we get equation of Piezoelectricity.

How it works?

When we dance on bouncing floor (spring and series of power generating blocks) small electric current produced which is fed into nearby batteries. These batteries constantly recharged and used to power parts of the nightclub.

Useful Links:

Dance floor electricity at London First eco disco

Alternative energy using Dance floors

Related PDF File :

Converting Exercise into Electrical Energy

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Solar powered refrigerator

What is Solar Powered Referigerators?
They are absorption refrigerators.An absorption refrigerator is a refrigerator that uses a heat source (e.g., solar, kerosene-fueled flame) to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling system. Absorption refrigerators are a popular alternative to regular compressor refrigerators where electricity is unreliable, costly, or unavailable, where noise from the compressor is problematic, or where surplus heat is available (e.g., from turbine exhausts or industrial processes).

Solar chimney

What is Hybrid Chimney or Solar Chimney?
Solar chimney is the natural way of keeping any building cool.It is device build for natural ventilation.It consists of black colored chimney,inlet and outlet air aperture.

Electricity generation from speed breaker

Whenever we heard of speed breaker, a negative image of them comes into our mind.They slows our cars, sometime destroy its parts and also has affect on our car mileage.

Moving Bridge

Movable Bridge is a bridge which moves upwards to allow smooth passage of ships and boats.Though physics of bridge itself a complex matter,but  movable bride is not a new concept.It has been around from centuries.Still learning about the science of bridges is great learning experience. Bride uses all three Newton laws and you should know about some basics before we discuss any further.

In this post we will discuss if we can use renewable energy sources in movable bridge which requires great amount of energy.At first it looks like a gigantic task, but it is possible with some innovation and by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pollution emissions, waste, and the use of non-renewable resources to sustainable levels.There are three major sources of energy which we can use at the site of a bridge:
1. Wave or Hydro Energy
2. Wind Energy
3. Solar Energy &
4. Bio Gas

After thinking for a which I came to conclusion that bio gas would be the most viable option for achieving our  goal and we can take some help from other sources too.Though I am not sure whether the above solution works in real life or not but I am sure it deserves some experimentation in laboratories and can be used as your science fair or mechanical engineering demonstration project.

Useful Link:
History of Movable bridge Britannica

Concepts of Draw Bridges

Geometry of Bridge construction

Building a bridge to the future

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Robotic arm with gripper

Robotic devices are used in all aspects of our world.We have seen robotic arms inside many factories working flawlessly but do you know, building a robotic arm is a challenging task. To make it works , it should perform several actions in particular order :

8th grade science fair project ideas

1.Plant marigold seed in three different pots and watered one with flavored water, one with salt water and one with regular tap water.

2.Solar cooker

3.Model of the respiratory system

4.Improvised water purifier

5.Hovercraft Project

6.Take some table sugar (sucrose) and mix it in with water.Do the same thing with salt (NaCl) and compare both mixtures.