Is it possible to use water to power our cars?

Some people claim that it is possible and done before and other thinks, it has never been done and would need more time before this actually happen. But all of them believe that someday we can run our cars on water. I found this project idea interesting enough to discuss with you. If you are believer of  water fuel cell invented by American Stanley Allen Meyer.Then you should try this project and see whether we can run our cars on water or if we can generate power using water fuel cells? 

I have never used water fuel cell myself and Stanley Meyer also lost his case in US Court when he found guilty of fraud.Still I want you to do some research on this topic because many people believes that Stanley finding were true and these fuel cells are going to be future and would solve our energy needs. 

As we all know, opposite charges attract, so when we put anode and cathode into the H20, the positive charged hydrogen are attracted by cathode and negative charged oxygen is attracted by anode. Hence, HH and O bonds break to form HHO. This HHO can be supplied directly into Internal Combustion engines for moving the engine shaft.
This process can produce mechanical energy. Furthermore, this mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy by using D.C generator. 30% of power from generator is consumed by electrolysis process and remaining 70% is for our applications.

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