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Physics Project Ideas for science Fair

Physics projects for science and engineering students discuss ideas related to our day to day life and some of them have implemented successfully in various science fair competitions around the world. As we all know that Physics is involve in every activity we do, from walk to talk , from electronics to robotics and from computer science to aeronautics and finding idea on this topic is going to be very easy.So, In this post we will discuss some of the projects based on this field
Pedal Powered Water filter: This project works on the concept of evaporation and condensation of water but in a very small scale with the use of human energy.

Solar Powered Bicycle: Run your bicycle on solar power
Wind mill water pump: They are not new for us but still it would be interesting for us to build one on our own.

Color and Light
College Prep physics on light and color

Human Eye concept based on Color and light :

How Vision Works?

Physics and Human Eyes
Your sense of Sight

Related Project
Bending of Light 

Build Your Own Maglev
Maglev (MAG: is used for magnetic, LEV: is used for Levitation) is a train which use power of magnets instead of fuel with its highest recorded speed is 581 km/hr.
Complete Details about Maglev Project
Compare Strength of Wood using three different Paint's.

Is there any relation between paint and strength? Can we increase the strength of our furniture’s just by painting it? This project would help you finding that out.

Marion Smith :The Effect of Paints on the Strength of Wood

Try to build your own Roller Coaster
Pdf files related to roller Coaster Project :
Mathematica of Roller Coaster
Ppt of roller Coaster from Virginia University in Pdf format

Other related :
What wiki says about Roller Coaster
Incredible Web Roller Coaster

Build your Telescope

How to build telescope
simple Galilean telescope
Simple Galilean Telescope 

simple Galilean telescope
simple Galilean telescope

Fabrication of cam-less engine:A camless is a kind of free valve engine uses electromagnetic, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuators to open the poppet valves instead. Actuators can be used to both open and close the valves, or an actuator opens the valve while a spring closes it.

Trebuchet or Catapult: 

What is Trebuchet?
In most simple words, we can say that trebuchet is a machine build to throw object to a distance.In our post Catapult Project we saw how we can build one for us.

It is based on simple concept of storing potential energy and when requires convert it into kinetic energy.So, to build good trebuchet we need to store as much energy and use it with bare minimum loses.

How Trebuchet works?

Pelton Wheel:
The Pelton wheel is an impulse turbine which is among the most efficient types of water turbines.The Pelton wheel extracts energy from the impulse (momentum) of moving water, as opposed to its weight like traditional overshot water wheel.Older turbines used water power inefficiently.The shape of Pelton turbine made it more efficient.

Useful links :
Calculations for my Pelton wheel turbine

Other Good Websites :

Research Projects in Physics 
Ocean Physics Laboratory 
Windmill Power Generation system
Internal Combustion engine

Bicycle :
Solar Powered bicycle
Steam Engine Powered Bicycle

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