Computer Final Year Project Ideas

Computer scie nce is the scientific approach to computation and its applications.As a discipline, computer science spans a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms and the limits of computation to the practical issues of implementing computing in hardware and software.Due to its range sometime it gets difficult to find topic or idea for final year project.Though I have tried to share as many ideas as possible but it is difficult to cover all the projects on single page.For that reason I have divided this subject into different subsections such as PHP,Java,VB etc. and their links are available at the bottom of post. I hope you will find them useful.

Attendance Management:Using this project you can maintain attendance of the employees.Moreover it can generate monthly and daily report of their attendance and salary slips.Source code
GEMINI: Generic Monitoring Infrastructure for Grid computing and Applications
What is grid Computing?
Details about Generic Infrastructure for Medical Informatics

District collect orate office information integration
Project Details

Jquery Simple Income Tax Calculator 

Automation of ticket booking for performances(
Ticket Booking by Jignesh Desai

Automation of Stock market operations
Stock Market Application

IR Based video streaming on mobile phones
Project Information
Source Code of video Streaming in Pocket PC

Security using IP camera
Video Surveillance using C#
Article about this project

Pervasive Computing
What is pervasive Computing
More about the project

Online recruitment(ORS)

Embedded web server for remote access
Free embedded Ethernet
CodeProject Embedded Server Project

Online on-request courses coordination (ORS)
Templete of Various Documents of this Project from (doc)

College management software

Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

Development of a micro controller module for a mobile feed dispenser

Call Center Management

8085 Simulator
Download Source Code and Application

2D and 3D Games

Campaign Information System
Download Project Document and Student kit

Pocket Dictionary
Download Open Source Project

Voice over IP
Download Project

File Transfer using PSTN

Security using IP Camera

Virtual Router
Let us find out more about it

Auto- summarize tool
Download Report of this Project ( Pdf) <- Right click and save target as or save link as

SMS Games

SMS based Juke Box

SMS ticket Reservation

Sms Source Code Website

Universal Remote using IR on Pocket PC

Canteen Automation

Library Management(LMS)

Electricity Billing  - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Medical Billing - Visual Basic , VB.NET
SMART BILLING 1.0 - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Card Billing - Visual Basic , VB.NET
Billing and Customer Account Maintenance - Visual Basic , VB.NET

Software Defined Radio

Quiz Application

Discussion Forums 

Income tax Calculator 

Digital Audio Processing 

Spam filter for Search Engine

Hostel Management 

Hospital Management

Personal Finance Management System

Online Auctioning Shop for a campus/organization

Network Print Spool er

HTTP Caching Proxy Server

Vehicle Access Control

Intelligent car transportation

Online leave management

Online Library management ( Download )

Online Sales and Inventory management

Employee Transfer Application 

Feature-rich, Resume Builder Application

Safe and secure Internet banking

Online internet knowledge management for the college (KMS).

Online application for the Training and Placement Dept. of the college

Sixth Sense Technology of Pranav Mistry

Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of College (RASE)

Split scree application for the data entry of the shipments. 

e-Post Office

Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation

Student Project Allocation management with online Testing (SPM)

Practical online Testing (OTS).

Resource management (RMS)

Online Tickets reservation system for Cinema halls.

Time table generation system for a college.

User friendly ,feature-rich, practical Appraisal Tracker

Development of Effort Tracker

Feature-rich, practical “Web Enabled Estate Agent”

Web Based Mail Client

Work flow based Complaint management (where the complaints are received through emails)

Application for receiving orders for printing digital photographs

work flow based purchase request approval

Defect Tracking System (DTS)

Product Master maintenance

Recipe management

Employee Separation System (E-Separation)

Miles Acquisition System (MAS)

Network packet sniffer

Web Based Meeting Scheduler

Employee Cubicle management

Web based Stationery management

Online Course Portal for a campus

Online Polling System

Design and development of Point Of Sale [ POS ]

Design and development of Speed Cash System [ SCS ]

practical online Survey Tool (OST)

Web/Email based Search Engine

Human Resource Management System 

Optical Character Recognition 

Online Auction System

Web-based Recruitment Process for the HR group for a company

Online Learning System

MetaSearch Engine 

Online Health Monitoring

Meeting Room Booking System

A Tutor: is an Open Source Web-based Learning Management(LMS), designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind.

Lifi Project : It is similar to wifi but twice as faster.For example WIFI has speed of 54 Mb/s it has around 100 Mb/s speed. It use light to transmit data. It has LED which transmit digital data as 0 (light switch off) or 1(light on) .
Knowledge sharing system

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Raghavendra said...

pls sent me the repository and search engine for the alumini of the college project my email is

CG said...

@Raghavendra Source code of search engine project r available at

Anonymous said...

i need online examination system project using vb and oracle can i get any codes for this???

CG said...

You will get online exam project at . It is php project

jyoti said...

i m doing the project :
"Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation System in post office"

i don't want any readymade code but i m not getting the information from which i can do the project

so can any1 provide me the info. about reconciliation or the sources from where i can get it.

i had even visited the post head office.

Anonymous said...

pls i urgently need source codes for online helpdesk for campus e-mail is you

siri said...

hey.can i get the information or code for"college timetable automation"

siri said...

hey...can i get the information or coding for "college timetable automation"

segzz said...

I need a complete project write up on a computer science and information technology project good for undergraduate final year project..pls help me

renjisha said...

i need new trend project topics related to computer science in .net..
plz help me

Sneha said...

can anyone please suggest some project topics for final year???
i am doing computer engineering....
i know java,c,c++,vb,c#,.net etc...
any AI related topic will also do...or any topic based on new technologies.... id:

CG said...

@Sneha your question is not specific. You have mentioned almost all computer languages. Still I will suggest you few projects from java such as Electronic voting system


Video Rental System

Anonymous said...

any complaint management system type or similar project in JAVA for final year student. URGENT


future said...

please suggest me some of the project topics (computer) in java or and some of the project details. please suggest me as soon as possible. Its my mail-id:

nilima said...

i'm doin final year diploma in comp engg.
I'm looking for project topic
plz suggest me some topics which include hardware part also
or the topics for .net
mail me at

apoo said...

Plz send me the code for e-Post Office System.....
my email id is

Anonymous said...

plz send me the code of '•Time table generation system for a college' at

nilofer said...

please suggest some project topics for final year???
i am doing computer engineering....
Any topic based on new technologies....

Anonymous said...

please send me some ideas on probletic semntic classifier

Ramulu said...

please send an idea for main can be java or mail id

Anonymous said...

plz send me a final year project of information system plzz its very urgent .... plz plz this will be a great help

Anonymous said...

I;m looking for an FYP idea regarding computer security.. i'm quite new into all these project stuff so I would like to know what language I should use as well.

any ideas?

email is:

Pankit Kapadia said...

i am final year IT student. I have selected online examination system for project. but our teacher says that it is not unique one.
i am not getting how unique i should decide for making my project. I only want to make my project in PHP. so can you help me??

Thank You..

sreejith said...

hay,My project topic is "Audit irregularity management systm",and i have 2 do this in java,if any body who see this comment knows this project,please help me,my email is,

ekene said...

Please i need an idea for my final year project. Im good at java and also C++. i have searched for but cant seem to find anything that is brain tasking and interesting to do at the same time. Also something that i can also continue with when im done with school. Thanks my email address is

CG said...

@ekene i have send you an email with project related to search engine.

sunilsingh said...


I hv an urgent need of project "e post office system" coded in JAVA ...

Plz nd Plz send it to email id ""...

Thank's in advance.....

teju said...

hii ... i m studying in in 3rd year computer science engineering now.. v r planning to do web oriented project...
php mysql -backend
apache -webserver
photoshop dreamweaver htnl 5 or flash for designing ..can anyone suggest ideas for project topics?? plz mail to this ...

SuShAnT said...

mitrraano namaskar!
me sushant ani harshal amhla urjently ek project payje mahnun amhi ya site cha rikamtavla lookanya request karto ki amchi help tvarit karave. nahi tan devi naaraj hoin

gopal said...

hi i am 4th year computer science engineering now
i need a project SHOP management System using core java code...........
plz mail to this....

CG said...

@sushant please give me your mail id and please ask your question in english. @gopal you can download java code for shop management system at . If you want this project in other languages you can download it from : Management System

CG said...

@teju you can select any project from . But in my opinion you should develop news sharing website for college students.This site can be used by students to know what is happening in college behind the scene.

priya said...

please suggest some new topic and idea for final year project.. am doing final year CSE.. my id

dhivyakailasam said...

hi.. i'm doin my final year IT...I'm very much confused about selectin my project...PLZ SUGGEST SOME TOPICS...Mail me at

abhishek said...

i am doing final year project and want to do project on security can any one suggest me some ideas for email id is

Ek+@ said...

hii i am I.T. DIPLOMA last year student.i want to make project but i have no idea about project plz give me some definition idea..

anisha.e said...

Hi,am a final year comp sci student and i want a few projects which i can do for my final year..i want something out of the box..not the common ones...please suggest me.
thank u


CG said...

@anisha...pls send me your email id and specific domain and programming language you are interested in.

Umesh sapariya said...

hiii myself umesh sapariya im doing B.E COMP final year and i have read your posts about metasearch engines and i also found to be useful
but i want to know the level of this project means is it extremely difficult and should i go for it or no i m very much interested in this topic and i need ur help and i m thinking of doing this project as outhouse project with NMSOFT company so plz advice me and tell me the complexity of project thnnkkks in advance

JeeHa said... looking for fyp topic.. degree in computer science majoring in sw developmnt..currently searching a topic related to concurrency transaction..anyone can help me pls???mel me at

santhosh said...

hi tis is santhosh final year computer science student ..i want idea fa my project so plz suggest me .... mail me at

Rashmi said...

hey can you mail me the code of SMS ticket reservation and Income tax email id is

CG said...

@umesh........metasearch engine is not that complex , if you have basic knowledge of website programming and javascript.

vikashagarwal said...

i want to do a project on parking system...please give me the details for this and specify me the language.if possible give me the source code

fazz said...

hi i am system engineering going to have my final year project this semester..but i don't have any please help me suggest any topics that relate to database..i know java language..
mail me at

Sidra said...

hey, Sidra here
i m student of Computer Sciences Final year, please suggest me some final year project in C# as soon as possible..

CG said...

@sidra, I would suggest you to do project on online exam management system in C # , you an download source of this project from .

I hope it helps!

CG said...

@vikas for automating parking system project , you would need team of atleast 4 people. This is a big project. You can build this project in Java language. For source code, wait for some time, I will upload it on this blog as soon as possible.

This system works with help of OCR in following steps:

At entrace, vehicle will cross the LDR sensor and signal will be sent to micro-controller and it will send to java program which is listening to it.

This module will trigger webcam as per request and image will be captured.

Than OCR will be done in java of capture image & number will be stored along with time.

Same at Exit than time will be compared and bill will be generated

Anonymous said... an ecommerce final year student, about to start my final year project, but i have no idea what topic to choose. please help me with ideas. i need any (unique) related to ecommerce. i know, c#, vb,...sql, access only
my email:

Nigesh said...

Hi I'm a Computer Engineering student 3rd year and I am thinking of developing android application that can connect with the computer through wireless or bluetooth and then handles mouse and keyboard for the computer through the android phone. I was wondering how difficult it would be?? Pls reply...

sahil said...

i i'm cse student 4th year . i am thinking of developing "mobile tracking system" but i face difficulty to that how make it? bcoz i just know c,c++,oracle ,little bit java..
so i need detail information and give me schema of project.
in mobile tracking system there will be softwere in a mobile with help of this we can track hte location of mobile.
i wanna to know which language beside (c,c++,oracle,java) will be use. can i make project with help of above anyone language. give me idea of coding if possible..
pls reply to me on ""

Anonymous said...

i need car sale mangement system mini project in core java using jdbc otherwise fil handling plz send me coding....

manoj said...

i need project on firewell design mini project so plz send me brief adea about the project what i hava to do.......

Priti... said...

hey I am student of computer engineering... I want project in vb 6.0 on monthly budget planner... Could you plz help me out?
My id is

හඟුරා said...

i'm an undergradute of a university and i'm looking for a final year project title. I like to do my project in java and cryptograpy combination. pleace give me an idea urgently. thanks

CG said...

@priti......this link will help with your project of monthly budget planner

vaibhav said...

hi..i m student f year...plz send me d synopsis n project report on placement id is

neha21 said...

urgently i need a project of incident tracking/ticketing system , a web application project..pls help me..mail source code to

cutek said...

hi..i m student f year...plz send me d synopsis n project and ppt and report on health care system using with c # id is

yeshi said...

i m student of Computer Sciences Final year, please suggest me some final year project in in java, php,vb 6.0 id

M@Nu said...

Hi i m final year ite student...i got stuck in da dfd and er diagram cn u plz snd meh the er and dfd for Human resource system

swetha said...

i am doing Mca..this is first time i am doing the project. plz help me for my project.i choose the Android and in that i want full project in that area.its very urgent plz help me..
send source code and topic..

swarnamala said...

Pls let me know abt the student management system in college......I need the source code on mail id

Sharf said...

need documentation for Tourism Project and E voting Project Visual basic front end and Access back end

My email:

Prince said...

i urgently need a mini project in,c#,sql..i need the database .mdf file or .sql file..the project can be very simple..
Please any one send a project to

Anonymous said...

can u send me any final year project in java? I need the full source code! My email is

Anonymous said...


can you send me a FULL code for any mobile apps as I have to complete my FYP as soon as possible. I am planning to modify or manipulate the complete code according to my style.

please help.

Thank you.

Bala said...

Hi i want coding for playing a video for particular time at daily. the the which is stored in SQL server 2005. in front end am using date time C# windows application.

it looks like a TV serials playing automatically.pls help me by mail to

Atul Dubey said...

Hey. My name is Atul Dubey and i am doing M.C.A from bhopal. I urgently need a sofisticated complete project with source code in C#, ASP.Net and Oracle 10g. Kindly mail me as soon as as possible. My email id is

Anonymous said...

hi.i m doing Bscs last semester..i need new(not implemented)project or idea (for three members)means not small java/c#/php/asp .Net languages,like desktop application or web application..
plz help me urgently...
my id is.
waiting 4 ur reply..
thanks in dvance

ambika said...

hi, im a 4th year cs branch student.. i really need a project in just one week, kindly give me running project nd its report on CIPA or automated parking system in java as soon as possible or any desktop software in java.
my email id is bhatambika.19
its urgent,, waiting for ur reply
Thanks in advance.

M bilal said...

hi.i am student of computer science final year and my specialization is in networking.plz send me some outstaning new ideas related to my field as final year project.thanks

Nirav said...

hi i am IT engineering student..i am going to have my final year project this semester..but i don't have any please help me suggest any topics that relate to database and web designing..i know java language..i m having also good grip on php..
mail me at

Nirav said...

hi i am IT engineering going to have my final year project this semester..but i don't have any please help me suggest any topics that relate to database..i know java language and php..
mail me at

dharmesh said...


i'm 7th sem. B.E. student , i want a project definition that combined of last 2 sem. i want project in only PHP. So kindly help me to find a defination.
If you got a such defination then pls mail me on :-

Thanking You
Dharmesh patel

yogesh said...

I am a Computer Final Year Student,certainly not being able to choose the project....
m good in java n c++, some knowledge of in php too.
need project related to above languages.
kindly help.

ma email-id is :

Rajan said...

hi !!!
for my final year porject,
i need any idea on Help Desk (OHD) for the facilities in the campus

plz forward ideas on my email id

thank you !!!

maaturi said...

hi frenz!!! I wanna prepare
a project for my (IT NETWORKING)
anyone can please suggest me some nice and fresh topics for my project!
My ideas iz thumb print pendrive 4 my final year project!!!
who noe do tiz pendrive???
Can u help me frenz??

plz foward my email id pi

Raji Uthappan said...

hi... i'm 3rd yr cse student plz.... send me ideas for projects

Raji Uthappan said...

Hi.... i'm 3rd yr cse student plz send me some project ideas

Anonymous said...

dudes! i want my final year project"Online cinema ticket reservation system"in c# 2008 express edition.....anybody else help me...i want it by coming 20th..its too urgent frdz..

Anonymous said...

hai frdz!am doing my final year,bsc(cs)...
i want my project to be submitted on coming 20th...
plzzz do help me and my project is Online cinema ticket reservation system in c# 2008 express edition...anybody else do help me with database also....its urgent frdz
thank you in advance...

Sallosmandu said...

please suggest some project topics for final year???
i am doing computer engineering....
Any topic based on new technologies....
please please on my mail (

prachi said...

hi!! i'm a final year computer engg student pls help me out to find a proper topic fot project in animation..

Anonymous said...

hello sir, m a final year ISE student. Pls suggest some project topics or ideas that could be implemented, on latest technologies or recovering loopholes in older ones. I know C,C++,C#,java,perl,javacript.e-mail

Anand Acharya Chintoo said...

please suggest some project topics for final year???
i am doing computer engineering....
Any topic based on new technologies..
my id(

Anonymous said...

i have to select a definition for my final year project and i waant to do my project on SAP language , any ideas??

sudhanshu tiwari said...

i want to make a project in .net
please give me any unique and useful definition and it's description.

Shoaib Humayun said...

Hi ... I am a Computer Engineering student ... I want to make my project now .. I know C , C#, and java.. Can anyone guide me what project will be better for me to take ?? You can also give me suggestion on my email id at :

hassan dar said...

Hi ... I am a M.Sc I.T student ... I want to make my project now .. I know C++ , C#, and php. Can anyone guide me what project will be better for me to take ?? You can also give me suggestion on my email id at :

albert moturi said...

hi,i need a school marks recording in java and MySQL if available please forward to me..

albert moturi said...

hi i would like to have a school examination and record keeping with parents, teachers and learners able to get into the system, programmed in java and MYSQL. if available please help me