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Bicycle Sprayer

Pest Control is an important step for good agriculture production and we have already discussed about mechanical sprayer in this blog.To do our own pest and weed control, we don't need any exotic equipment, you just need an idea and some knowledge of science. Mansukhbhai Jagani of Gujarat (India) has both and he invented bicycle sprayer which is topic of our today's discussion.

As we have discussed in my last post, that in mechanical sprayer farmers need to pump manually, as a result, spraying remains difficult task with these sprayers. Today, we will discuss bicycle sprayer which is much easier to operate than its predecessor as it is powered by bicycle.

Automobile Service Center Management System

Automobile Service Center Management System (ASCMS) is an application used for digitized  the paper work and reduce paper work. It is very useful software for small service centers who wants to computerized their work.

Advantages of using this software:
Maintain records of customers for years
Managing Stock
Generate Invoice
Developed in PHP so accessible from anywhere around the world

Tools Required:
PHP ( Programming Language), Apache Server & MySql (Xampp)
Codeigniter Framework

Solar powered Pesticide Sprayer

We have discussed many agricultural projects on this blog.This post is part of that series. Farming is one of the most oldest and important business ever done by humans but in most parts of the world it is done in traditional way. Though, farmers are adapting to changing times but their are many more things that's need to be done.

Zoology Project Ideas

In most simple words zoology is the science of study animals in their natural environment.
Nervous System:
1.Detail study about the role of each and every component of nervous system.
2.Design nervous system computer animation which shows function of each and every part of this system.