Automobile Service Center Management System (ASCMS) is an application used for digitized  the paper work and reduce paper work. It is very useful software for small service centers who wants to computerized their work.

Advantages of using this software:
Maintain records of customers for years
Managing Stock
Generate Invoice
Developed in PHP so accessible from anywhere around the world

Tools Required:
PHP ( Programming Language), Apache Server & MySql (Xampp)
Codeigniter Framework
Download (Open for instructions)

Modification Required:
Automobile -> Application -> Config-> database.php (Line 51 to 54)

Why Codeigniter ?
Because it is a (Model View Controller) MVC Framework and reduce development time significantly.Without going into complex definitions, you simply understand it as in MVC, projects are divided into three parts :
Model : Works with database
View:  Works with user interface
Controller: Control everything and makes connection between model and view

In Codeigniter their are three different folders for each and you will start understanding it after reading tutorials or books about this framework.

Recommended Book:
CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development ( Kindle Edition for only $3 )

What is our objective?

Before beginning to develop any project, first we need to understand our goal. In this project we will develop PHP website where we will design customer form to get customer information, vehicle form to get details about customer vehicle. Then we will create job order for this particular customer. After that we will add purchases to this job order, thereafter generate invoices for that job.Meanwhile doing all the above things, we will also manage stock of the service center and for that we will need product and vendor forms.

I have choose Mysql as a database for this project. You can select any db of your choice. As we know our objectives, we get a clear idea of tables required by us.First we will need customer table to store customer data, second employee table to store employees of the store, third for storing invoices, fourth for storing job_order for vehicle, products for stock management, purchase details for storing purchase, vehicles and vendors for storing their data.

So, Important tables are:
Detail Explanation:

Our Program has used 6 Controllers:

1. auth.php
We will use Tank Auth Module (Free Download) for authentication purposes and this controller performs function such as login, logout, redirect etc.

2. examples.php
We will use grocery crud Module (Free Download) for crud task and this is a controller provided by them. We customized it to use it according to our requirement. This controller helps us to do create, read, update, delete and edit  our table from php forms.

Form validation

Generate invoice : Take job order number and fetch all relevant data from the database tables to generate invoice with giving one last option of editing it.

check whether user is logged in if yes then redirect it to main page.

Views and Models:
They are self explanatory and have same names as controller.

I hope you would like this project!