We have discussed many agricultural projects on this blog.This post is part of that series. Farming is one of the most oldest and important business ever done by humans but in most parts of the world it is done in traditional way. Though, farmers are adapting to changing times but their are many more things that’s need to be done.

Why ?
At present time we use Power sprayer in two stroke petrol engine which pollutes our environment. It requires regular maintenance and filter cleaning regularly. It costs around Rs.70 / hr or $ 0.96 / hr. As demand of energy increasing, its cost is increasing too.  As we have seen example of Tractors, Motors electrical pump, Technology is being useful for improving production
How to build this project?
Their are two ways you can do it. First one is from the scratch where we build each and everything ourselves and learn basics of motor, blower and solar power technology and second way is where we avoid reinventing the wheel instead of that focus on our task in hand which is building pesticide sprayer which runs with the help of solar power.

How ?
First method:
Prepare design of your sprayer using computer aided tool( CAD). You will require following materials for building this project:
Solar Panel Battery

DC Motor 
Connecting wires 

Second method:
You will need 82 W 12 V electric motor of around 1kg weight. Connect this motor with Li-ion battery which is further connected with solar panel. It would cost you around Rs.70 / hour which is at par with petrol powered sprayer.