Automobile engineering project ideas

Automobile engineering is very interesting field and its importance in our life is indisputable.Automobile engineering is vast field and there are many different types of projects we can do.It ranges from petrol engines to diesel engines, diesel engines to hybrid engines and hybrid engines to completely green technologies. Moreover , you will amazed to know that a car which we drive daily has many processor installed in them. So, there is large scope for innovation , I would discuss some projects in this post and will keep on updating with new ideas.

Project ideas  :
Ultimate ideas for Automobile engineering
Hybrid Electrical Vehicle 
Air Compressed Cars 
Air Bike
Mini Scooter 
Automobile Breathalyzer
Collision mitigation break system
Automobile Aerodynamics
Auto Body Painting
Regenerative Braking System 
Pneumatic transportation system 
Hydrogen Powered Vehicle
Ultralight rotatory engine
Adaptive braking system (ABS)
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Electronic fuel injection
Solar Powered Bicycle
License Scanning Automobile Security System

Challenge X of West Virginia University Students : They were given a SUV car to completely transform it into Electric Hybrid Car.

Rain Sensor Wiper:
This Project is about automated wipers which sense rain. These type of wipers has been used in many cars. Working on this project would be learning experience for you.What is Rain Sensor ?
How windshield wipers works ?
Wiper Control
Related PDF :
Mare Windshield Wiper System

Eddy Current Brakes

What is Eddy current brake?
Presentations :
Eddy current break Mechanism

Analysis of Eddy current brakes
Mathematical Model of Electromagnetic Brakes

Eddy current Damping review

Magnetic Breaking : Finding the effective length over which eddy current forms

Related Video 

Related PDF :

Vibration Analysis of automobile muffler (pdf)
Automotive Stirling engine Development Project (8 MB Approx)
Suspension Design ( 1.8 MB)
Antenna Array for Automotive collision avoidance


Anonymous said...

hi i am final year student in mech.eng.could i get some idea for my final project which is self powered car been used rather than using rubber band and ballon?

Anonymous said...

hi, can i have idea about evacuated tube solar water heater? lyk parameters could be measured with this project.

Anonymous said...

Sir I am interested in automobile can I get any idea for final year project related lettest inovations