Solar bicycle consists of battery,DC-DC boost converter, Solar Panel, Motor and Motor controller.It will get its energy from three places brakes,  pedals of the bicycle, and by solar-cell.

There are three ways you can build solar powered cycle:

a) Build an electric cycle and charge its batteries using electricity provided by solar cells at home. One time charge is sufficient for 9 Miles (15 km approx).If you use this cycle to visit nearby places; this is good option for you.

b) Second method consists of placing both solar cells and batteries on the cycle. Placing solar cells on bicycle itself would help in recharging batteries while travelling.

c)Third one and my most preferred one is to build hybrid cycle whose batteries not only charged by solar cell, but also use energy of regenerative braking and pedaling.

Useful Link:

Solar Electric Bicycle Project
Step by step process of building your own

Speed and Distance Test:


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