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3D Solar Cells

3D Solar Cells
We all know that popular conventional energy resources  such as oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power are accompanied by problems of air and water pollution, resource depletion and the greenhouse effect, all of which are becoming increasingly unacceptable and difficult to afford. In the 21st century PV (Solar Energy) can potentially meet the rapidly growing demand for electricity with minimal environmental consequence.

Despite being one of the best alternative , solar energy is far behind from coal and nuclear energy in terms of market share. Moreover, it is costlier and less efficient   than its counterparts.To improve its efficiency and reducing cost, we should move towards advanced solar cells such as 3 dimensional.

 Three-dimensional solar cells that capture nearly all of the light that strikes them and could boost the efficiency of photovoltaic systems while reducing their size, weight and mechanical complexity. The new 3D solar cells, created at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, capture photons from sunlight using an array of miniature “tower” structures that resemble high-rise buildings in a city street grid.

This idea of 3D Cell is of William Yuan is a freshman from Beaverton, Oregon.Yuan has developed a 3D solar cell that has the potential to revolutionize solar power.At the heart of Yuan's project is a solar cell that can harness both visible and ultraviolet light.Yuan's solar cells are calculated to absorb about five hundred times more light then a conventional solar cell and nine times more than advanced 3D solar cells.

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