automobile engineering project ideas

Automobile engineering is very interesting field and its importance in our life is indisputable.Automobile engineering is vast field and there are many different types of projects we can do.It ranges from petrol engines to diesel engines, diesel engines to hybrid engines and hybrid engines to completely green technologies. Moreover , as we all know that every new car has its own CPU and Memory and with having them into our cars, ideas are not in scarcity now. I my self got amazed with the new technology driven innovation in the automobile industry where Tesla, Apple and Google, all wants to become part of. Experts in the sector already starts talking about the next competitors of GM and Ford, which is not going to be Toyota abut the technical companies I mentioned above.Moreover, with news of Lary Page’s startup flying car is just around the corner, we can surely say that it is very exiting time in the automobile industry.

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Challenge X of West Virginia University Students : They were given a SUV car to completely transform it into Electric Hybrid Car.

Rain Sensor Wiper:
Though this is not a new concept but as it covers lot of things in itself like sensors, motor, microcontroller and wipers, I thought its worth mentioning here. These type of wipers has been used in many cars. Working on this idea would be learning experience for you.
How windshield wipers works ?
Wiper Control
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Eddy Current Brakes

What is Eddy current brake?
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