Mini Scooter is good and practical project for mechanical students. Moreover, it can be build using the materials which are available easily.

By building scooter , you will understand the how it works and also what are the difficulties engineers face while building two wheeler. I would suggest you to go one step further by building it green. Green means scooter which runs on compress air or solar or any form of energy which is less polluting then existing one.

While building this project , I would suggest you to focus only on its functioning and less on looks or its design malfunctions. Because designing is altogether different field , it needs different approach and time which we can do later after building our mini scooter.

Things to consider:

Estimate cost and a profit feasibility
It should be light Weight
Safe to ride

Components Required:

1. Power
2. Engine
3. Chassis and
4. Controller

This project is based on very simple concepts of mechanics, and it is easier to understand if we start from tail. For example, to rotate a wheel, we need engine, in this case Two Brush-less DC Motors . These motors need to be controlled by controller, in our case, it is two power MOSFETs Rectifier (IRFB3207 and IRFB3077). Moroever, to power these motors, we will need some form of energy and here we use electric power stored in batteries. You can use as many batteries as you want. For more info, you can visit the link given below.

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I don’t know whether the video given below is homemade or not but I found it interesting to post here:

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