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Creative Projects

1.Painting with three colors : Art tips by Nita Leland

2.You can write your autobiography :

Writing Autobiography is one of the best things in the world. It lets us know about ourselves, and we get to know both positives and negatives of our life, who are our true friends and who are not! Sometime in our hectic life, we forget about many important parts and beings related of our lives and this project will help you in doing the same.

How to start?
Writing Biography is not an easy task, even if it's your own. So, start working towards it as soon as you finish reading this post.
To write your biography, you will need help from lot of people and this is a best part of it as you discuss about your life with others and get their point of view.
  1. You need to do discussions with your family, friends and even enemies 
  2. Carry pencil and paper during these discussions. 
  3. Ask as many questions as you can and without getting offended with their replies.
  4. Don't try to edit negatives and things you don't like.(This will help you in long term)
  5. Arrange all the text chronologically and do write them in your textbook according to your convenience.
  6. Read each conversation twice or more, and find a way and right words to write it interesting.
  7. Write it in language you are comfortable in.
3.Prepare a poster report on some decade for eg 90's .

4.You can redecorate your room :

It will not only give you satisfaction, but also some freshness in your life. Before doing anything, you need to start with easiest task first, it will stimulate you for bigger task ahead.

Steps for Redecorating:

1. Take paper and write about changes you want to do with your room.
2. Before shifting anything, do care about your comfort, whether it will increase or not.
3. Arrange room in a way, by which you can save your time; for ex. if you like reading books on bed,make necessary arrangements, so you can grab your books right from your bed.
4. Redecorating needs time, try to do it on Saturday evening, where you will get Sunday as an extra day.You can either finish your job or if you will have finished it already, you will get a time for rest.

5.Prepare greeting cards for different occasions

Yes, you can purchase them but still handmade card is more precious gift for its receiver than any card purchased.

As you know, making cards requires creativity and various items, you should not wait for the occasion to start. Whenever you get time , make one or two of them for different occasions and give them to your loving one's when occasion arrives.

Starting early has added benefit of getting enough time to purchase things required for card making such as gum, sheets, colors etc.

6.Project about World War 2

World War 2 is one of the most important event of our history and it still affects our lives in one or other way. You can write about reasons, and long term effects of this war. You should try to find answers of questions such as How it changed the dynamics of world politics? What was the reasons behind it? Was it possible to stop it from happening?

7.Write about world most influential and important leaders

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