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Solar Powered Bag

Solar Panel WorkingIn the last few years, phones are getting smart, Laptops are becoming Tablets and CD Players are becoming iPods. All these changes make us more dependent on electronic devices than ever. Though these devices keep us connected, when the battery runs out they become a liability. That makes battery charging one of the most important needs of today’s world.
Solar Powered BagIn my post mobile charger using a bicycle, I discussed how we can charge our battery while riding on a bike. Today we will discuss Solar-powered Bag which is not only useful and handy but uses green technology too. The solar bag consists of skinny film solar cells and batteries. It contains a flexible monocrystalline solar panel, battery, charge controller, plugs, cords, and light bulbs. It provides users with power up to 120 watt-hours/day, capable of powering electronic equipment rated up to 300 W.

What is the Monocrystalline Solar Panel?
Monocrystalline silicon is the base material of the electronics industry. It consists of silicon in which the crystal lattice of the entire solid is continuous, unbroken (with no grain boundaries) to its edges. It can be prepared intrinsic, i.e. made of exceedingly pure silicon alone, or doped, containing very small quantities of other elements added to change in a controlled manner its semiconducting properties.

How it works?

The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in the batteries and can be used to power portable electronic appliances like mobile phones and mp3 players.

  • Solar backpacks are light-weight, hence making it easier to carry. 
  • Flexible solar panels also are light and portable, as well as waterproof. 
  • Backpack allows patients to carry medical devices with them.

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