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Pure water with the help of SMS

Pure water with the help of SMS
Pure water with the help of SMS is a project based on getting pure water using Hand Pump. Though we have already discussed various projects based on water purification such as Pedal Powered Water Filter  and  Solar-powered water purification system but in Africa, the most common source of pure water is Hand Pump. If it stops working, people get forced to drink dirty water as an alternative. This project idea solves this problem.

People living in rural areas of Africa can use a mobile phone to drink clean water. Researchers of Britain has to build Data Transmitter which can be embedded inside the hand pump.

This transmitter sends SMS when the hand pump stops working. This transmitter would be installed in 70 villages of Kenya.  Information about this technology has been discussed at the General of Hydroinformatics.

Dependance on Hand pump

Millions of people living in Africa are dependent on Handpump, but it is believed that 1/3rd of these hand pumps do not work properly. Handpumps located at distant places repairs take even months. Africa has changed in the last decade and it is believed that people who own mobiles are more than people having access to clean water.

That's why for better management of hand pumps Researches from Oxford University have used mobile phones. Researchers put the Transmitter  in the handle of the pump. It measures the speed of the handle, using which it can measure water flow inside the pump.

Using this technique, the central office keeps on getting updates about pumps and mechanical can be mar shelled immediately after fault reports.

Another advantage of this technique is that it can measure total consumption in Kenya.

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