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Light Weight floating Wind Turbine

Light Weight floating Wind Turbine
A floating wind turbine is an offshore wind turbine mounted on a floating structure that allows the turbine to generate electricity or pump water in water depths where bottom-mounted towers are not feasible.

Furthermore, the wind is more powerful over the sea in comparison to land. Though there are many ways we can use these turbines, today we will see how we can use them for pumping water.

Farmers around the world consume a large amount of fresh water for their farming. Not only that, at some places in Africa and Asia, their only source of fresh water is rain or tube wells. Farm Pond project, we discussed yesterday can help them to store rain water on their farm itself. Even though farm ponds with drip irrigation solve the problem of water shortage for farmers but still they need to pump out this water for irrigation and a lightweight floating wind turbine pump can be used here.

Pumping at farms usually done by traditional methods such as electric pumps or diesel pumps. But as our focus is to make our farming green, we can use wind or solar-powered pumps discussed earlier on this blog. Though any of these methods can be used the floating wind turbines would be a much better alternative, particularly for farm pond pumping.

How it works?

Its working is similar to traditional windmills with the only difference is its free-flowing nature. It base is not fixed and it floats and changes its direction according to the wind.


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