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Farm Ponds

We all know that water is precious and with a growing population and their needs, freshwater is getting even more worth full with each passing day. The main uses of freshwater are drinking, washing and Agriculture. Each year irrigation requires a large amount of water and one of the main sources of this water is rain. This makes rainwater harvesting a top priority for farmers in every country from east to west.

Why we need farm ponds?

Most of the farmers all around the world heavily depend upon rain for their agricultural needs. Crops are very sensitive and two or three delays of the watering can have a devastating impact on crop production. Farm ponds help them to become somewhat independent and they can timely give water to their crop irrespective of the time of rain. It also helps to improve groundwater significantly. Farms ponds with drip irrigation would play a great role in water management.

Indirect Advantages:

Water saved here can be used somewhere else ex. industries, households, etc.
Less dependence on groundwater which eventually increase it.
More production, less price of food grains for the poor.
More areas can be covered in agriculture where due to lack of water resources farming is almost impossible.

How it can be done?

It can be done using Farm Ponds. Farm ponds are artificial ponds dig inside the farm to harvest rainwater.
Construction of Farm Pond Manually( Example):
Top Cross section of Pond = 27 m * 27 m
Bottom cross section of Pond = 23 m * 23 m
Depth of Pond = 3 m
Side slope = 1 :1

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