Pure water is precious and its value is known to those people who do not get it.According to the WHO, such disease account for an estimated 4.1% of the total DALY(Disability-adjusted life year) global burden of disease, and cause about 1.8 million human deaths annually.Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms that most commonly are transmitted in contaminated fresh water. In my last post, I discussed about how we can purify it with solar energy.Though in summer solar water purifier is good option but in winter or rainy season it becomes very inefficient and slow.

We need a system which can work whole year whether it is day or night. Pedal Powered water filter is one of such solution. It is green and pollution free method of purifying water using human labor.

How it works?

We all know how nature filters our water. It evaporates dirty or sea water and later condenses it in the form of rain which is pure drinking water. Pedal powered water purifier works on the same concept. In this project we pedal our bicycle to transform water into vapor and later condense it to get clean water.


This project consists of two chambers,copper tube and pipe, one chamber is for dirty water called tank and second one is tiny boiler.Both of these chambers are connected using pipe. When we fill our tank with dirty water,as pressure of dirty water increases,water starts to transfer from tank to boiler using pipe connected to both of them. In boiler, water gets heated up to the boiling point using pedal powered generator.Water Vapor generated in this process passes through tank of dirty water using copper tube and later to outlet.Advantage of passing water through dirty water chamber is that,it preheats the dirty water and condense itself to provide us clean water. Video show below has complete explanation.

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