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Meeting Scheduler Systems

Meeting Scheduler system is used to schedule meetings according to the available time slots. Despite, being such a important software , its very easy to implement.

In this system , we can create database with table of available time slots. In Administrator Section of the software , we design a form to change the value of time slot from available to busy.

After every time slot gets booked , software will automatically inform the user that meeting can't be scheduled today and now next available time slot is available next day.

By this way we can book appointments for whole new year without worrying about our Schedule.
Swift meeting management system : The SMMS is base on Java web technology (Groovy/Grails), it intend to be easy to deploy, use, extend, and integrate.

Meeting room scheduler system : application that provide you a easy way to book/schedule meetings, rooms, video conferences, all via WEB

convener : Project in php and mysql

Book a meeting : help to find an appropriate date to book a meeting between participants who do not use same calendar/schedule system

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