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Defect Tracking System

Defect tracking system is also known as bug tracking system. It is a software application and it keeps track of software bugs which is reported by either end user or by internal app in software development cycle.

It is one of the most important component for ideal software development firm because when we develop software first time, we don't know how it is going to work on different environments and situations. So, to keep the track of the bug we need to know all the information about it and its causes such as location, time, events happened before.

This information is either reported manually or by some internal bug reporting program. Sometime, email is prepared by the system and sent to programmers with end user permission.

All these reported bug is stored in this tracking system to manage this data and get information from it.

Programmers keeps on working to solve issues according to their priorities and keep that info too on this system only.

This system help programmer to move towards the goal of error free program.

Sbug defect tracking system :  written in Java, using JSP and PostgreSQL

The Providex (tm) help desk management software : written as an alternative to bugzilla, and other defect tracking systems. It is written entirely in Providex, a business basic language. 

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