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Computer Science Projects

Computer Science ProjectsComputer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information and computation, together with practical techniques for the implementation and application of these foundations.

Given below are the titles and brief summary of projects we have already discussed on this  blog:
Joystick controlled car drive mechanism: We want to build a car that can be operated by using a joystick. If we can build that, it would be a great help for disabled persons.

Personal Finance Management System: This application works as a small accounting software where we need to take input from the users, do some calculations inside and store these calculations and user input inside the database.

Meeting Room Booking System: It is used for booking rooms, systems, and people. It is very easy to use and with complete instruction.

Knowledge Sharing System: It is an online platform for all those people who love to contribute.

Sixth Sense Technology from Pranav Mistry: 'SixthSense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.

Income Tax Calculator: Income tax calculator is a very useful tool for everyday users. Every one of us needs to calculate our payable tax each year.

Hospital Information System: Helps you to maintain a database of hospitals.

Mail Client Projects: Mail client is a very important application for users who want there mails directly into there computer. The outlook is one of the most popular mail client examples.

Online Learning System: Learn with the help of computers and the internet.

Human Resource Management System: It covers Personnel Information Management, Employee Self Service, Leave, Time & Attendance, Benefits, and Recruitment.

Mobile Ticket Reservation System: Books your tickets using a mobile device.

Hotel Management Project

Download Hotel Management System In Vb

List of Hotel Management Codes in PHP

Sample Hotel Code in Java

Hotel Management Project Structure

Inventory Control System

Inventory Control System Source Code In Vb

Objective Exams Project

Download Article

Online Examination Project by Suhas

Online Exam Source Code download in VB6

Complete Examination System VB6
( Read its read me the file to completely understand it)

More Ideas about Vb Projects

Web Stat Counter Project
Php Source Code of Web-Stat Counter

pdf file contains the link about Various Counter

Successful Website Based on Statcounter Project

Download more PHP projects

Library Management System

Library Management System Source Code in .NET

Library Management System in C++

Pdf files related to the above project:
Getting started with a library management project

Chat client and Server Project

Java chat with Customizable Gui

Shopping System Shopping Cart Source Code

Sms Server

Sms application and source Code

P2P File Sharing Client

Access one computer using other
Remote Desktop Manager Source Code

Original Software uses and application

Digital Clock And Analog Clock Projects

Digital Clock Source code in

Crossword Project

Details about Crossword Project

Download Crossword Applet

Search Engine Project

Search engine Source Code

Metasearch engine source code ( def of Metasearch engine)

Website Search Engine

Semantic Search Engine

Spam filter for search engines

Meeting Room Booking:
Meeting Room Booking System: It is an online application that helps you to book meetings especially in school and college. Though it can be extended for other uses.

It is used for booking rooms, systems, and people. It is very easy to use and with complete instruction.

Language: PHP,MySql


Web-MeetMe is a suite of PHP pages to allow for scheduling and managing conferences on an Asterisk PBX.

Virtual Meeting Room: In the Virtual Meeting room, everyone in the room has an avatar and can communicate with each other.

Electronic Voting system
What is electronic voting?

Electronic voting system architecture

Source Codes :
Download E-democracy project in Java
Electronic voting system inVb6

Websites :
EVS from Human-computer interaction lab

Related PDF :
Analysis of Electronic voting system

Other Related Projects

Development of Software Defined Radio

It is a radio which uses software for doing each and everything the radio does use hardware. For eg., at the place of physical modulation/demodulation, filters or amplifier it uses its software counterparts.
To learn about it more you should visit openhpsdr which is an open-source design of a High-performance software-defined radio.

Quiz Applications 

Hostel Management System 

Voice Identification System
Details of Speech Recognition 
Radio frequency Identification 
Automatic voice Identification

Open Source Voice Identification Software :
CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition toolkit
Modular Audio Recognition Framework

Online Health Monitoring System

Computer Final year Project Ideas

C++ Project Ideas

Ruby on Rails 

Java Projects

Vb Project

Php Project

Python Projects

Computer Controlled RC Car

BCA Projects: BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is an undergraduate degree course in India.

Download C++ Project of Periodic Table

iPhone Application Ideas


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