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Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator

How this tool would be helpful?

The income tax calculator is a very useful tool for everyday users. Every one of us needs to calculate our payable tax each year. This task becomes much more complicated when we have different sources of income and each has a different rule from the income tax department.

For Whom: This project idea is for Computer Science(CS) and Information Technology (IT)Students.

Level: Easy

How to build it ?

As always to build any software project, we will follow waterfall model as you have studied in Software engineering class :

Requirement Analysis :

This is one of the most steps for any computer science project. In this step, we find out the complete requirement for this project including customer's requirements and software requirements. Very important questions such as why we need this particular project? Who are end-users? Things like that should be answered in this step.


We will database to store user information, tax rules information and stuff like that. For this project, we will use Mysql as our database engine.

Which type of Application it is going to be?
We are going to make it a web application because this application needs regular updates about the IT rules and if we made desktop applications, it would be extremely difficult for us to update the database of each and every customer.

With the help of web application users from different countries can use it without worrying about updating it manually because administrators of this application would keep on updating and adding new rules whenever applicable.

Programming Language:

After knowing that it is going to be web application it is easier to decide what it is going to be the PHP application. There are two reasons behind my selection :

  • First, PHP is a very popular language and free books and tutorials are easily available online.
  • Second, its free, PHP is open-source language so that its totally free to use and it gets updated from time to time with better functionality.

I have discussed some points for our planning phase but you can add many more details in requirement analysis, because bigger it is, better your software will be.

Design :

There is going to be two sections for our income tax calculator :

Administration Section: The owner of the application can edit the income tax rules and modify the data such as rates which is necessary.

User Section: Where the user can select his or her country or state, so correct tax rules can be applied for his tax form. After that, there would be income form to be filled, which eventually gives the user a total amount of tax to be paid.

You will need a pencil and blank papers for this section, draw the design of all the pages which are required, draw form, its label, specify where you need text field, radio button or combo box.

Implementation :

Download the Wamp server and start working with the help of simple notepad. To code, you should have good knowledge of PHP, read some free tutorials on the internet if you don't have that.

Verification :

Software testing can be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program/application/product:
  1. meets the requirements that guided its design and development;
  2. works as expected; and
  3. can be implemented with the same characteristics.
There are three types of testing whose explanation is out of the scope of this post but you can read more about them by clicking on links below :

1.White Box Testing
2.Black Box Testing
3.Grey Box Testing.

Maintenance :

Software are never complete there is always scope for improvement. So, our income tax calculator to needs a continuous upgrade for new features and technology.

For your help you can download source code and application itself from the links below :

Income Tax Calculator :

OpenTaxSolver: Open Source Income tax calculator written in C

TaxMagic: A simple open-source/free software tax calculator written in .NET

Tax Estimator: U.S. Federal personal income tax estimates using the RushTaxOS tax engine.

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