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iphone application projects

Why we need to develop iphone applications ?

Apple has become most valuable US Corporation surpassing Exon Mobil with market cap of $331 billion on Wednesday. This is not the only reason for developing iPhone application.

After a staggering 20.34million sales in quarter 2, Apple's iPhone has been confirmed by the IDC as the worlds' biggest selling smart phone. The smart phone market is expected to grow by 55% in 2011 and with iPhone 5 is soon to be launched,it is going to be apple devices everywhere.

With that many users there is need for more apps, it ranges from education to business, commerce to art, books to newspaper everything you can think of.

How to develop apps for apple devices?

Before going any further, some of you may ask that how can I develop app for this device. To develop iOS applications, you use Xcode, Apple’s first-class integrated development environment (IDE).Moreover, you need to learn about objective-C which is extension of ANSI C.For a start you can refer to the ios developer library. Later you download Iphone development guide course of Stanford University from here.After which, you can purchase Beginning iPhone 4 Development from apress.

Project Ideas :

Abacus : We all know abacus is very useful device and if you can develop virtual abacus for kids it would be great help.

Cross and Round Game


Paint : People love to paint, no matter how many existing programs of painting, there is always room for improvement.

Blogging platform: like wordpress.org : You can develop blogging application, where user can make account and write blogs easily.

Currency converter : It can be used while traveling. People often convert currency to native one.

Scale Converters : Like Meter into kilometer

Business App : Stock Exchanges, Gold Silver Prices, Favorite Stock Details on the Go.

Astrology App

Voice Recognizer Calculator : Calculator which recognizes your voice commands and gives audio answers.

Website Reader for Blind People

Voice to Text Notepad :Where user can note down information using his voice.

There can be lot more ideas, its up to you what you really like. For engineering students of Computer and Information technology ,any of the above project would do be suitable for final semester project report.

Vocabulary Flash Card : Build application related to improve vocabulary of its user ,not only in english but in other languages such as french , spanish or greek.

If you have any idea which you wanna share , please mention it in comment section.

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