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Renewable energy projects

Renewable energy projects

I got many emails from many readers regarding renewable energy project ideas. Even though I had given a lot of projects related to solar, wind and wave energy in Mechanical engineering projects post, I still receive many queries regarding this. So, I have decided to write more about this topic in detail.

Due to the scarcity of natural energy resources on earth engineers need to develop technology beyond them. They are working on it for last many years but by now global warming and oil prices are hot topics. There have been a lot of big conferences related to it. Many big companies took the initiative and got some success too. Car Market has flooded with hybrid and electric cars. These cars not only sleek in design but have power which is no short of gasoline or petrol. One of the best examples of these cars is the Toyota Prius.

In my opinion, to win against global warming and oil bills, the Government should adopt a three-way approach :

1. Start investing in research work related to renewable sources.

2. Improve the efficiency of current machines.

3. Make people aware so they start saving energy as they save their money.

To implement two of the above three points, the government would need engineers like you, so it's better to build projects on renewable resources in your final year. I am giving you links having details about these projects :


Solar Cooker
Solar Toy Car 
Solar Powered Refrigerator
Solar Chimney
Beam Circuit Solar Engines
Solar Powered Path Finding vehicle
Solar Powered Generator 
Solar Insect Robot
Air Conditioner 
Wind Mill Power Generation System
Hydropower Projects
Generate Electricity from Dance Floor
Perpetual Motion Machine 
Pedal-powered refrigerator
Pedal-operated power Generator 
Power generation using wind turbine kites
Air Compressed Cars 
Air Bike 
Build Electric Two-Wheeler Bike
Generating Electricity from Waste Water
Solar Powered Water Pump can be used in drip irrigation.

Other Sites :

Using an Alternator in Renewable Energy Projects: An alternator differs from a dc motor in that it contains no permanent magnets. Instead, there are two concentric wound coils of wire.

Solar Electric System: Good blog has all the details regarding this system.

Montana State University: This site discusses about some of the costliest projects. To work on these projects you will need private or government funds.

Solar Water Heating Installation project: Students of Stanford University has been working around the campus area for implementing some useful solar and wind energy projects.

Windmill power generation system

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