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Pedal powered refrigerator

Pedal powered refrigerator

The purpose of a bicycle-powered refrigerator is to allow someone to take a bike trip while keeping their food and drinks cool. This project can also be used in a poor neighborhood of Africa or Asia where electricity is still a distant dream. Moreover, this can be made more useful if we can connect this with a windmill or flowing water. If its pedals connect with the turbine revolving using wind or hydro energy, then this refrigerator will become an automatic machine just like a fridge at our home. This project idea is for students of mechanical, electrical and physics.

Concept :

When we pump out gases from the water box in the refrigerator by paddling a bicycle, we create a low-pressure area inside the box and because of this low-pressure area, water starts evaporating, and for that evaporation, water needs heat which it takes from the surrounding area inside the refrigerator. In this way, it cools our refrigerator.

Steam is generated in the process of evaporation which later been absorbed by Zeolite as shown in the video . Absorption of steam is a property of zeolite that's why we use it for this experiment.

What are Zeolites?

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents. An example mineral formula is Na2Al2Si3O10·2H2O, the formula for natrolite. The major producers in 2010 were China, South Korea, Japan, Jordan, Turkey, Slovakia, and United States. The ready availability of zeolite-rich rock at low cost and the shortage of competing minerals and rocks are probably the most important factors for its large-scale use. You can purchase it from any mineral supplier in your city. Just google it with your city name.

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Unknown said...

hey im a 4th yr mech engg. student and have decided on this as my final year project...problem is im not getting content for fabrication of the same...plz help me out... thanks in advance

CG said...

@Manu......I have updated the above post with concept section for your help.

SAHIL said...

where can i get zeolite???
please help

CG said...

@Sahil.. I have updated the post with "What are zeolites", that would help you to understand them more.


Sir, I am not getting the complete idea like what will be the effect when water vapors get absorbed .
Also can you please explain me the mechanism by which the low pressure is transferred from the fridge to the zeolite chamber.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm chetan studying in 4th year mechanical engineering n i want to do the project in renewable source of energy,if u have any ideas pls mail me to this

Aion said...

hey guys has anyone else tried this project? we are trying to do something i want to know if it works..n also can i use sodium silicate beeds instead of zeolite adsorbent?

ashwin said...

hey hi...I am very impressed with this idea and i hv making it as my 4th yr project.
But the problem is if you're using evaporator the what diameter coils have you used in and is the system is a reversible system?? in how are you getting the water back to its chamber after pumping it and and have you done the analysis of this system??...please reply.

srinivas said...

This is srinivas, please send me the information required to fabricate this model because I want to do this is as my final project in engineering. mail me at
ph. 7416986840

Anonymous said...

this is vivek,could you please give informations about the materials used for making the refrigerator box??
please mail me at

Birungi Emma said...

anybody have any ideas on how to make a simple gear box for food milling machines?

sunny said...

i am ayush kaushik
tell me alternative of zeolite

and tell me about the which type of needed in this project..

sunny said...

\please tell me about cheap alternative of zeolite and about pump

Anonymous said...

The link to download pdf does not work. I need help with that