We all know that dance is great form of exercise.While dancing we loose lot of energy and project we are discussing today will help us to conserve this energy in the form of electricity.


To convert human energy into electricity and conserve it into battery.


To implement this project we need to use Piezoelectric materials, which has special quality of producing electricity when stress is applied on them.This effect was first studied by Carl Linnaeus and Franz Aepinus in the mid 18th century and generally occurs in crystalline materials such as quartz , topaz etc.These materials consist of asymmetric unit cells and when pressure is applied on them they get  more aligned and regular which produce potential difference between them.

To understand it , we need to know about Hooke’s law and electric displacement.Hooke’s law states that that stress is directly proportional to strain. When we combined these two concepts we get equation of Piezoelectricity.

How it works?

When we dance on bouncing floor (spring and series of power generating blocks) small electric current produced which is fed into nearby batteries. These batteries constantly recharged and used to power parts of the nightclub.

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