Robotics Projects for engineering Students

To be honest with you, in all ideas I shared with you, this is my favorite section.Here, we will discuss Robotics projects which will give you insight of these beautiful machines and helps you learn artificial intelligence and machine learning. We all wants to make our life easier and safe and Robotics engineering students plays a vital role in making that happen. In this post, I will try to discuss best topics I have discovered while studying about this branch. Moreover, some of the ideas discussed here wins in student’s college competitions. These include robots who help in fire fighting to the one which are useful in construction. I don’t know whether you will select something from this article or not but it will definitely help you in your selection of topic.

In my opinion, we should always ask these three questions before selecting any project:

Q1.) Is it beneficial for community ?
Q2.) Is it going to solve problem which can’t be done in more simpler way?
Q3.) Is it affordable?

If answers of all the above question is yes, than you should definitely start working on that idea.

Basic components to decide beforehand:

  • Microcontroller
  • Sensors
  • Indicators
  • Control(Autonomous or computer controlled)
  • Communication(Wired or wireless)
  • Dimensions
  • Power
  • Locomotion
Automatic Cleaning Machine:
How to build Your own Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

List of Projects for final year engineering students:

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)
Vision based mobile robot
Robotic Car with Microcontroller
Autonomous Agile Aerial Vehicle
Build Self Balancing Bi-cyles and Unicycles
Solar Insect Robot
Fire Fighting Robot
Fruit Picking Robot

Soccer Playing Mini Robots :Are you interested in football and like watching robots playing it, then this project is for.

Teleoperated Mobile Robot

List of topics sorted alphabetically from Carnegie Mellon University Eg Autonomous material transport system,Adaptive web based Information gathering and filtering etc etc.
Read More

Maze Solver Robot
Mini Golf Robot
Industrial Automation
Autonomous Parking Lot
Running Text on LCD
Hand Gesture Controlled Bot
Tennis Ball Collector
Automated Electronic Toll Tax Collection System
Sand Collecting Robot

Columbia University Mobile Site Scanning Robot

This robot will navigate in Columbia campus and map it in 3D automatically. You can build your robot which can navigate your place. More

Greeted by the future: A Tour Guide Robot

Related PDF :

Minerva a second generation tour guide Robot
Tour Guide Video :

Robotic Spider:
Spider robots as their name suggest looks very similar to spiders. They are different from other robots because of their complex designs, flexibility and agility.

Useful Links :
Spider Robot Sculpture 
Cooper Robo-Spider
Student build spider robot from spare parts
AVI Movies 

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How to Program Robotic Spider ?

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Amazing Robotic Spider


Vision Based Navigation Robot:

What is Mobile robot navigation ?

Projects based on navigation of robots requires vision. Without that robot can’t navigate in unknown territories. As we have eyes to see and brain to understand, robots have cameras and processor for doing the same. Camera transfer the images to CPU and CPU helps robot  to understand that. It can interpret these pictures with the use of algorithms. One such algorithm is Computer Vision Algorithm. Moreover , robot head is build in a way that it gives resemblance to human head.Not only that ,many recent students are building heads which are almost look like a human head. They are also know as Android Heads(3 Mb Approx).

Robotics is combination of both hardware and software. You will need good software skills to build a useful robot. You can learn this skill by playing around with some useful programs build by open source community at Robotics Library which is Open source software for robotics students.

Useful Links :

Human Centric Robotics Group Page

Robotic Crane is very useful project because it would speed up the construction process all over the world. Today, when cranes are controlled manually , it takes time to adjust crane position, to control its swing and to drop the object at correct position. After introduction of automatic cranes things would become much easier.

Related PDF :

Developments toward an Autonomous Robotic Crane for Automated Steel Construction
Anti-swing Control of a Suspended Varying Load with a Robotic Crane

Useful Information :

Lego Mindstorms : Project showing below pick up legos in a bucket, spin 180, drop them, and then spin back 180 degrees to go pick up more, and the repeat.
Images taken by Michael Neisius while building a Robotic Crane

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UBC Semantic Robot Vision System 
Epipolar Geometry for Humanoid Robotic Head
Design Concept of Human like robot head
Qualitative Vision-Based Mobile Robot Navigation
Imperial college MBN 
Vision based mobile robot learning and navigation
A Sensor based mobile robot for industrial environment 

Carmen Mobile Navigation toolkit in C

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Other Projects
IIT Kanpur Project List

Wireless Mobile Robots: A Tool for Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Instruction(pdf)
Motion Control Analysis of Mobile robot (pdf)

Cup Replacement system for Internet Controlled Coffee machine :

This Project is a mixture of two technologies one is computer science and other is robotics.To build this project,you would need computer and robotics engineers because with the help of software you can order a cup of coffee over a network and with replacement system cup will be placed at the right spot. Read more about this project.

Pipe Inspection Robot
Pipes are everywhere in various sizes. It is very difficult to do there maintenance manually and there is need of efficient engineering solutions so that cleaning of pipes can be done automatically with there maintenance.

In this project you develop robots which can be used for the purpose of inspection and maintenance of pipes.

Related PDF :

Development of mobile mini robots for in pipe inspection (650 KB)
Design of a fully autonomous mobile pipeline exploration robot

Interesting Robots

Kismet from MIT University