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Solar Powered Path Finding vehicle

Solar Powered Path Finding vehicle

To build this project you need to answer two important questions:

First, How to use solar to power the Robot?
It is fairly easy to implement, just buy one electronic toy car and Install PV cells at the top of it. Connect these cells to the rechargeable batteries.

Get Details about Solar Vehicle
How Solar Panels Power a car?
Presentations of Solar-Powered Endurance Vehicle Project

How to build your own solar vehicle?
Cheap easy Solar Powered Robot
Solar Powered 10 mg Silicon Robot(pdf)

Second, How to implement pathfinding in your vehicle?
Pathfinding is a technique to move a robot from point A to point B avoiding any obstacle in the path. We can many different techniques for that but the most popular one is to first make our robot familiar with the surrounding and then robots can use surrounding information in Pathfinding. This technique is very old and is not useful in challenges where the robot doesn’t know anything about the surroundings. So, to it more, I am giving you some links to robotics pathfinding methods.
What is Path Finding?
Vehicle path-planning in three dimensions using optics analogs
Autonomous Pathfinding(pdf)

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