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Build Electric Two Wheeler Bike

Build  Electric Two Wheeler Bike

Electric bikes are common nowadays, and you can find many of them moving around. I am discussing this project here to give you a glimpse of the working of electric bikes and also how we can build one for us.


To build an efficient and cost-effective bike.


As its name suggests, the electric two-wheeler is powered by electricity which can be supplied by Lithium-ion Battery. To charge this battery we will use three different methods, first is regenerative braking and the second one is solar power and third is our traditional wall charging.


Battery:- We will select Lithium-ion battery because it is lightweight and compact.Moreover. it has a high energy density.

DC-DC Boost Converter
Solar Panel
Motor Controller: It helps us to regulate the amount of power applied to the motor, especially for DC motors.It is adjusted to synchronize with a brushless motor.One key feature that is integrated with the interface of the controller and the motor was the regenerative braking.

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