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Mail Client Projects

The mail client is a very important application for users who want their mails directly into there computer. The outlook is one of the most popular mail client examples.I am giving you a few other open-source mail clients which can help you to understand the basic working of these clients.

YPOPs! is an application that emulates a POP3/SMTP mail server and provides free POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. It does not depend on Yahoo's POP3/SMTP mail server. You can use a mail client of your choice!

DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP gateway allowing users to use any mail client with Exchange, even from the internet through Outlook Web Access on any platform, tested on MacOSX, Linux and Windows. 

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client and newsreader. Supports various formats such as POP3, IMAP, SMTP, etc. , having multiple accounts, spell-checking, address book, SSL, GPG, filtering, i18n, and more. It is further extended by plug-ins

Jack Mail Client: developed in Java This is a simple mail client uses any mail server with a minimal configuration you will have a robust email client.

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