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Solar chimney

Solar chimney
What is Hybrid Chimney or Solar Chimney?
The solar chimney is the natural way of keeping any building cool. It is a device build for natural ventilation. It consists of the black colored chimney, inlet, and outlet air aperture.

How it works?
When the air inside the chimney is heated, it rises up and comes out from the chimney and as a result of this process, cold air pulls out from under the ground via the heat exchange tubes.

We all know that soil below the ground is much cooler than the surrounding environment. According to my information when the temperature above the ground is around 35 degrees C, the temperature below the ground is 12 degrees Celsius. Now when connecting underground pipe( as shown in the figure) to the building it automatically becomes a source of cold air. When the air inside the chimney gets hot from the sunlight, it starts rising, which create hollow space inside the chimney, to fill that space cold air is sucked inside the chimney naturally. This process of natural ventilation keeps on working until sunlight is available and this makes this a very useful project.
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