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C++ Projects

demiCHEF is an open-source recipe management system for catering and restaurant businesses. Cost calculations are performed and Order lists can be generated.

Library Management System

C-CPP Calendar app is easy to use the app to do all the functions that a calendar is used for. The app is very handy and extremely better than the physical calendar. It is available both as an x86 and an x64 app.

Revenue Management arena a library delivering a reference implementation for most of the published algorithms and methods.

Airline Inventory Management Library: That project aims at providing a clean API and a simple implementation, as a C++ library, of an Airline-related Inventory Management system. That library uses the Standard Airline IT C++ object model 

Media Player Classic

Image Viewer and Editor 


Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)

Student Information system

Handwritten Document Analysis using DIP

Multi-State Mazes

Program with 3d array and logic to solve a rubric cube.

Bus reservation system

Small risk management software

How about a menu and order system as would be used in a restaurant

Lexical analysis for languages source code

Solar system ( show complete use of graphics) source code

Dr. C. Lee Giles Projects

Mobile Phone Shop source code
Email notification over phone

RTSP client using CINEMA

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