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Electronics Engineering Project ideas

Though I have discussed many topics on this site, electronics and communication are one of my favorite subjects. Projects related to this subject found everywhere and required in every branch of engineering. For eg. EC or IC is commonly used in Computer and Mechanical projects.

To get a better understanding of this subject, you need to start building circuits on a breadboard. It is a practical subject and would be much easier to understand when you work on it first hand. Moreover, if you want you to start dissembling and reassembling your old toys and devices, that would give you an insight into their working.

Build your own Radio

 Build your own Radio

Click here to read more about building radio
Regenerative Radio Receivers

Signal Processing and RF Design
2 channel RF Remote Control

SMS based control of Devices
SMS based control of Devices

SMS controller Circuits and Theory

Feedback Circuits

Feedback Circuits

Clap switch
Clap switch

Clap with Theory and Circuits

Mini amplifier for Ipod's
Mini amplifier for Ipod'

Simple iPod Amplifier Step by step instruction

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How to design your own super dock

Make a counter circuit
Seven Segment Led Display Counter
Relay Counter

Build a solenoid
It involves a metal rod, like a nail or a thick pole, copper wire, and a battery.

What is Solenoid?

The Solenoid
Solenoid as Magnetic field Sources

Traffic Light Controller
Steve Ramer idea's about this project
Traffic light system

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Automatic Light Control

Cell Phone Controlled Door Opener
Click Ashish blog to know more

Talk by lightning Telegraph
Talk by lightning Telegraph

How to build a Radio
Radio Project pdf file
One Transistor Fm Radio Project

Automatic Light Control: 
What is Lighting Control systems?
Light control system
Related PDF :
An automatic light control device
Blind and Light System
Car Locator Project

Automatic Light Control
This project is used to locate cars' direction in parking.

Related PDF Files :
Car locator Project  ( 500 kb approx.)
Related Video :
Car Locator Demo :

Microprocessor Projects:
Microprocessor Projects
Important things to know :

What is Microprocessors?
Why they important?

How Microprocessor Works?
How stuff works reference  OR
Video Reference :

Embedded Systems:
Embedded System Project Report in pdf

Robot car , Pocket Pc and Remote Maintenance Project Material

Columbia university CS department embedded system projects (project reports, project files, and many more downloads

Robotics and the embedded system free source code

Standford University Projects

Wireless Freeform Input Device - Ying-Zong Huan
Programmable Indoor Irrigation System - Gang Xie
Soundwave MP3 - Toru Kuzuhara
AVR Tetris - Andy Chao, Nate Hill
Digital Cookbook - Mike Lombardo
MP3 Player - Baris Inan
Balancer - Geoffrey Bainbridge
Programmable Remote Control - Gregory Larchev
Wireless Depth Controller - Ioan Tudosa

Other Former Projects
Procyon MP3 - Pascal Stang
Remotely Queried Embedded Microsensors

Related Books:
Books are in pdf format right click and save target as ( internet explorer), save link as(Mozilla firefox)

Embedded Systems

Platform-Based Designs of Embedded System

Design of Embedded Systems

Hierarchical Hybrid Modeling of Embedded System

Microprocessor-based Projects including pdf and docs :

Cornell University designing with Microprocessor final projects

Students Demonstrate Microprocessor-based systems project

Efficient low-power microprocessor

List of Cornell University Final year ECE Projects

Solar tracking system using stepper motor

Design of automatic gate

Safety-related systems

Speech Recognizer for Isolated Hindi Digits

Super Scalar and Superpipelined  Microprocessor design and simulation

Microcontroller Projects:
What is Micro-controller?

Useful Links :

G5-Data Logger
PIC 3rd Harmonic meter
MTK51 8051 MCU Trainer Kit
Solar Recorder
New PIC Project Board
89S52 Project Board
MCS-51 Propeller LED

Cornell University Final year projects
Water Level Sensor 
8051 microcontroller FAQ
Microcontroller for wall climbing robot
An Internet Interface for Embedded Systems
Building a Lego mind storms robot

Related PPT :

Examples of these projects

Related PDF :

Programming a PAC MC(pdf)
Microprocessor-based solar tracking system using stepper motor

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Other Projects:
Ball Sorting Mindstorms Lego Project
Optical Character Recognition 
Automatic Toll Tax Collection 
Electronic Lie Detector
Power Transmission without wires
Power generation using wind turbines
Generate power with the help of Bacteria
Cornell University ECE Projects 
Computer Controlled Wireless Robot 
Embedded System Project
Human Tracking Fan System
Human Powered Gym
Simple Electronic Electroscope
Computer Controlled Remote Control Car Video
Mobile Control Electrical appliances 
Online Health Monitoring System
Using Smartphone as Earthquake Sensor
Adaptive Active Phased Array Radar
HDMI (High definition media interface)
Temperature Controlled Fan
Computer-controlled Rc Cars
Mobile Control Electrical Appliances
Embedded System Projects
Wireless sensor Networks
Cell-Phone Home Controller
Cleaning Robots
Computer Controlled Cars
Human Tracking Fan System
RFID Based Mobile Payment System
Roadside Kiosk-Assisted Traffic Data
Sonar Marauder's Map: Batman cell phone sonar
A Wireless Programmable Pace Clock
Camera LED Projector Combo: Camera with LED Projector
WYSIWYG Environment Controller: Universal Remote Control-Literally
Wireless In-Home Entertainment Data Distribution
Electronic Elevator
Cellular Phones as Traffic Pattern Sensors
Cellular Phone Heads Up Display
Blue-tooth Distance Approximations
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Positioning System using Blue-tooth Technology
House Sensor System
Highway WiFi Network
Voice-Controlled Remotes
Wireless Video Transmission on Multiple Screens
Wireless Hard Drive
Ambient Power Harvesting
Television White space Messaging
Automatic car stopper
Voice to Text
Wireless [Lost] Item Finder
In-Home Coordinate System
Wireless Home Monitoring
Wireless Car Security System
Smart Fridge Tablet PC
Home Power Controller
Network Police
Design and development of Touch Screen
Design and development of MEMS-based touch-free Mobile
Voice operated intelligent mobile phone with GPS
Automatic Geopositioning and SMS alert on road traffic density
Fingerprint-based security access system
Graphical LCD and memory stick based textbook reading system
Voice-activated hospital bed control system
Bluetooth based wireless home automation system
Android smartphone intelligent home system
Voice operated multipurpose robotic system
Voice-enabled devices switching for visually impaired
Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger (IEEE-2007)
Mobile phone controlled four-legged walking robot with speed and direction control.
GPS based universal clock. Gets the time from satellites and displays on GLCD.
Microcontroller based online examination system with dynamic questions.
Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting.
GPS based vehicle travel location-logging system. This System stores the traveler's geographical location and speed at an interval of one second and is stored into a 1GB MMC/SD memory card.
SMS based remote SIM card's address book access system.
Microcontroller based digital clock with Graphical LCD and Sanskrit font (or Any regional font) Numbers.
Microcontroller based virtual boundary/fencing for Wild Animals.
GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for Traffic police.
Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system.
RFID/Mi-fare/Smart Card based security access control systems.
GPS and GSM based real-time vehicle tracking on Google Earth (with two GSM Modems)
Implementation of wireless sensors network for Wild Fire monitoring system.
Real-time Heartbeat Monitoring system with the display on Graphical LCD and Voice based alerting system.
Touch screen operated liquid dispensing system.
Infrared (IR) remote controlled Muscle Stimulator with duration and intensity control.
GPS based border alert system for fishermen.
MEMS Accelerometer based digital photo frame with an automatic position/ view adjustment system (similar to digital cameras).
Wireless Heart/Blood Pressure Monitors
Wireless Camera
Photo Sharing
Paperless News
Remote Controlled Car
Wireless power delivery
Electrical Storage Trough
Wireless Mobile Chargers
Wireless Identity Widget

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