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Computer Controlled Rc Car

Computer Controlled Rc Car
Computer-controlled cars are mini-robots that can be controlled with or without wires using our computer's input devices.

Now, the question arises

Why do we need computer-controlled cars?

We need a computer because tasks which computers can perform can't be done by the robot itself. To perform these tasks, we transfer data from robot to computer and perform processing on the computer and accordingly transfer instructions back to the robot. Using this mechanism we can analyze images and data or even do video recording.

How it's possible?

Suppose, our car has a camera installed and if it can relay that camera recording to our computer, the computer can store that video data into our computer hard disk or by using complex algorithms can find out whether there is any in front obstacle or not. Not only that, with the help of relaying data our computer can take decisions for our robot and control it remotely.
How to build one?

Computer-controlled RC Car with camera
Ashish Blog to get complete details of how to build your own 

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In the video shown below, you can see the use of a computer's keyboard in moving cars backward and forward. This is just an example if you wish you can design a car which can be controlled remotely by other computers using the internet. Computer Controlled Rc Car at Doshisha

Ashish's Computer Controlled Rc car Video

Project Details and Study Material

Project details of Ashish computer-controlled car.
Computer Controlled car Pdf File
Autonomous Rc Car Controller

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