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Human Tracking Fan System

Human Tracking Fan System
The fan is one of the most important tools that human beings have ever developed. The first fan came into existence in India. The punkah fan was used in India in the early 500 BC. It had a canvas-covered frame that was suspended from the ceiling. Servants, known as punkah wallahs, pulled a rope connected to the frame to move the fan back and forth. In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution took place and fan kept on evolving ever since.

What's the significance of Fan in the Modern World?

The fan is the most important electronic machine for poor living all across the world. It is not costly as Air conditioners and coolers, runs on low power and easy to carry(table fan).

The only problem with table fan is its inefficiency, we need to adjust it according to our position or start its motor which rotates it all over the place in 180 degrees and wasting its power by directing air at empty spaces for much of the rotation cycle.

What is Human Tracking Fan System?

We are trying to build a fan which can track human and adjust itself according to the position of a person sitting in a room.

How it works?

It consists of two PIR Sensors that can detect person sitting position because humans typically radiate more infra-red light than their surroundings, such as a wall, for instance, detecting motion is fairly simple.

How to build one?

Click here to learn more about it.

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