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Ball Sorting Mindstorms Lego Project

Ball Sorting Mindstorms Lego Project
Ball sorting project is an interesting one because it helps you to understand various important concepts of Robotics such as finding the distance of objects, recognizing them, pick and drop them and things like that.

Useful Links :

Sort the Ball
NXT Sensors

Hardware Requirement :

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 which includes :
  • Ultrasonic sensor 
  • Touch sensors: Lets the robot react to touch
  • Servo motors: Allows the robot to interact with the environment
    NXT Brick: The programmable core that reads the sensors and controls the motors and things many more. You can buy it from any online store including

Software Requirement :

NXT-G:  is a graphical programming environment that comes bundled with the NXT. With careful construction of MyBlocks to encapsulate complexity, NXT-G can be used for real-world programming.

Complete Instruction and Details at Robin Newman's Page

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