How Stirling engine works:

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Frequently Asked Question :-

Q1.How can Stirling engine generate electric Power?
Ans1.A Stirling engine generates mechanical torque directly from heat through the operation of the Stirling cycle on a working medium, which might just be air.

Q2.Is it possible to convert a typical combustion engine into Stirling Engine?
Ans2.The differences in the way the engines are designed to work is massive and the change over would about be impossible.

Q3. Where to find study Material Required to build Stirling Engine?
Ans3. Study Material which will help you to make your Stirling Engine Project :

SFA Stirling Engine Project

Photograph’s and Description of Sterling Engine

Video showing Working of Stirling Engine

Books Available for Stirling Engine :-
How do Stirling Engine Works(pdf)
Stirling Engine Project with Parts List (pdf)

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