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Charge Batteries with Radio Waves

Charge Batteries with Radio Waves
Wireless energy transfer or wireless power is the transmission of electrical energy from a power source to an electrical load without artificial interconnecting conductors. Have you heard of infinite charging, if not then in this project on the same we are talking about? In this modern world where almost all people have mobile this project is going to be extremely helpful.

The problem of wireless power transmission differs from that of wireless telecommunications, such as radio. In the latter, the proportion of energy received becomes critical only if it is too low for the signal to be distinguished from the background noise. With wireless power, efficiency is the more significant parameter.  A large part of the energy sent out by the generating plant must arrive at the receiver or receivers to make the system economical.

This technology can be used not just for charging but for using it for other purposes too. Read "Bye Bye Batteries" article from NewYork Times to know more.

Concept :

The concept of this project is very simple. We all know that Radio waves have energy stored in them, what we are trying is to convert its energy into electric current and store it into the batteries bundled with our mobile phone.

How Radio waves are produced?

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Wireless Battery Charging System using Radio Frequency energy harvesting.

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