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Tiny Biogas generator

Tiny Biogas generator
What is Biogas?

Biogas typically refers to a gas produced by the anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is a series of processes in which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. Organic waste such as dead plant and animal material, animal dung, and kitchen waste can be converted into a gaseous fuel called biogas.

Why should we use Biogas for the generation of electricity?

In developing countries, simple home and farm-based anaerobic digestion systems offer the potential for low-cost energy for cooking and lighting. Waste Management is one of the biggest problems we are facing in the modern world. Using Biogas generation plant we not only help in waste management but also generate electricity from it. If waste can't be managed properly, it would cause serious diseases and harm the environment too.

From 1975, China and India have both had large, government-backed schemes for adaptation of small biogas plants for use in the household for cooking and lighting.

Biogas can be used to rotate turbines of power plants replacing pollutants such as coal. Even though it can't be used in big plants but it has great potential to become useful for individual farmlands and farmers.

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