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Mobile control electrical appliances

Why we need this project?
Yes, all user appliances comes with their own user interface but this user interface is very complicated and sometimes difficult to use.Moreover, if you are not around or not at home , you can't use that interface remotely. So, to solve this problem we can use smartphones or Personal computers to control them remotely.
Cell Phone Home Controller
What is Home Automation ?
Homemade dorm room automation system

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How to build one?
It consists of a interface application on the smartphone in specification language, a communication protocol, appliance adapters, and appliance itself.Control your all home appliances with only one remote, your mobile. This appliance includes Air conditioner, Television, Music systems etc. This project is one of the popular choices among students of electrical and electronics engineering. I am giving you links which may help you to made your own "mobile control remote".

Download Source code from code project
Circuit Diagram of this project

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A System for Smart-Home Control of Appliances Based on Timer and Speech Interaction

Note: This video is in Hindi language

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