What is Biotechnology ?
It is generally accepted as the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products.

Bio fertilizer From Birds Excreta or Cow Dung and Other Waste: We all know that organic farming is in demand because of harmful effect of fertilizers. For those who are interested in agriculture would like to consider projects related to bio fertilizers.

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Alcohol From Potatoes : Ethanol is one of the bio-energy sources with high efficiency and low
environmental impact. We can choose potato as our carbon source for producing ethanol or alcohol but a pre -treatment process is needed to convert starch of potato to ferment-able
carbon sources.
Energy Analysis of Ethanol

Caffeine from Tea Waste: Yes, we can extract caffeine from the tea waste using very simple process.Details of this process is given here.

Lactic Acid from Sugarcane Juice: This project is about production of D-lactic acid from underutilized sugarcane using steam explosion pre treatment.

Seed Processing Unit:
Research about seed production activites