BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a undergraduate degree course in India.With the boom of the IT industry, it has become one of the most sought after graduate degree courses. Full-time BCA programmes normally take three academic years.The course usually consists of programming languages, mathematics, algorithms, data structures, networking, etc.Though , you can do project on any of the above topic,but still here I am suggesting project ideas related to programming languages.

C :

You can do project related to any topic related to computer science but I would personally recommend to go for C and C ++ Projects.

Advantage of using C: 

C is the base of computer programming and once you start understanding it , you will not face any difficulty in learning new languages. Other advantage with C is that it doesn’t require large computer resources and you can run its project on any machine whether you are using windows or linux server.Not only that, because C is one of the oldest language , you will get lot of free resources and books of C on internet.

Once you start developing in C , you will also start understanding limitation of C language and get an idea why we had developed other programming languages.

C++ is for those students who wants to get exposure of object oriented programming. Developing project on C Plus Plus is great way to learn classes, object and constructors.

Library Management System
Mobile Phone Shop
Search Engine Project

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Java is one of the most important language in today’s world. According to official website of java over 3 billion devices are running on java. Advantage of java is its virtual machine which makes it platform independent.

Hospital Information System in Java
Mail Client Projects
Real State Project in JSP
Java Projects


It is one of the most popular language now-days.It is also known as Server Side Language. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. It can be written inside any html page and its embedded inside the page perfectly. It is really useful for designing dynamic website.It runs on Apache Server.

If any one of you are interested in web programming , you can build project on PHP.

Video Rental Service
Personal Finance Management System 
Meeting Room Booking System
Income Tax Calculator 
Purchase Order System

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It is pretty similar to PHP with one of the main difference is that ASP is developed by Microsoft and PHP has been given by open source community. It runs on IIS Server provided by Microsoft.

Hospital Information System
Movie Ticket Reservation System
Online Treatment System in Homeopathy
Job Recruitment System
ASP Projects

Ruby on Rails:

ROR is a framework based on MVC(Model View Controller) developed in 2003 by David Heinemeier Hansson. It is based on ruby language .Rails provide us tools sufficient to build large websites such as Twitter.I am giving you few examples about sites which you can build using ROR below.

Job Recruitment System
Knowledge Sharing System
Purchase Order System

You can build anything using ROR which you build using Asp.net or PHP. So you can refer to theirs pages too for ideas related to its project.

ROR Projects