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Visual Basic VB Projects

Ideas about some basic VB Projects.VB has a great user interface and you can build complex applications such as Calculator within an hour. This makes it very popular among programmers and with the power of Databases such as MS Access it is used widely for small businesses till today. To learn this language you can learn VB at Microsoft Official Resources of VB.

1. Web loan Calculator
2. Hotel Management System
3. Student Information System ( on demand from the user through email)

4. MetaSearch Engines
5.E Voting System
6.Voxx Speech Recognition project 
7.Easy Web Browser
8.Web Browser  
9.Voting System 
11.Quiz Generator
12.Hospital Management System
13.Online or Offline Address Book
14.Finance Management System
15.Student Info system
16.Service Center Management System
17.Employee Management System
18.Bus Ticket Reservation System
19. Train Reservation System
20. A purchase order for Retail shops
21. Invoice Generation

A good site to download all types of VB, VB.NET, and Asp projects is

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