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Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System

What is Hospital Information System?

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Open Source Projects with Source Code :

HOSxP is a client/server hospital information system serving in 300+ hospitals in Thailand. HOSxP has many modules which keep and processing data of Patient / Operation / Medication / Laboratory / Radiology / Financial
Programming Language: Delphi/Kylix
Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL (pgsql)

Hospital OS is a hospital information system for small-sized hospitals (100 beds or less, 200 out-patients per day or less). 
Programming Language : Java
Database : JDBC, PostgreSQL (pgsql)
User Interface: Java Swing

HMS is a Hospital Inventory system that manages patient info, staff info, stores and medicines, billing and report generation. This complex application communicates with a back-end database server and manages all information related to Hospital logistics.
Programming Language : Visual Basic
Database : Microsoft SQL Server

Open Hospital - Hospital Information System for Angal - Uganda. Patient management, pharmacy.
Programming Language : Java
Database : Mysql
User Interface: Java Swing

Medical is a highly scalable Health and Hospital Information System (HIS) for Open ERP.
Programming Language : Python
Database : PostgreSQL (pgsql)
User Interface: GTK+, Web-based, X Window System (X11).

Integrated Hospital Information System  PHP, My SQL, and PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing, Outpatient, Wards, Labs, Pharmacy, Security, Admission, Schedulers, Repair, Communication and more.

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