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8th grade science fair project ideas

1. Plant the marigold seed in three different pots and watered one with flavored water, one with salt water and one with regular tap water.

2.Solar cooker

3.Model of the respiratory system

4.Improvised water purifier

5.Hovercraft Project

6. Take some table sugar (sucrose) and mix it in with water. Do the same thing with salt (NaCl) and compare both mixtures.

7. There is this really cool project you can do with density. It would require one egg, a container of water and some table salt. The more salt you put in, the more the egg will rise. Its fairly easy and it is chemistry too.

8. You could make a camera out of a cardboard box, and it could really work if you are careful when putting the film inside it. You only need to paint a cardboard box completely black on the inside, put a piece of wax paper smeared with kitchen oil (or a frame or frames of film, but in that case, you'll need to work in a completely dark room). Then you close the box with tape, so no light can pass. On one side of the box, the one nearer to the wax paper or the film, you make a tiny hole in the middle, so light can enter. On the other side, you make a bigger hole so you can see. If you use the wax paper, you'll see the image forming at that same moment. You could even say it is a model of a squid's eye.

9. Made crystals out of sugar and water, it was very cool, I think it took like 2 or 3 weeks to grow them.

10.Create a Volcano using a bottle

11.Putt-Putt Boat

12.Optical illusions

13. Can peppermint improve reaction time?

14. Do flowers grow better in dirt or potting soil? or Does plant food pellets increase the growth of a plant? or What type of fish food makes a fish grow big?

15. You could also make a telescope.

16. Which soda has the most carbon dioxide? Coke, Sprite, or Pepsi

17. The number of ants exterminated by various pesticides
You can buy numerous commercially obtainable pesticides and find out which one is the most effective against eradicating the fire ant.
Collect several fire ants and place them into several ant houses. By knowing the initial number of ants, you are able to test each ant house separately with each pesticide and determine how many fire ants the pesticide killed.

18.Microorganisms on the common housefly
Take a fly and place its head and legs into separate test tubes. Then culture, count and classify the bacteria found on the head and legs.  Determine how many types of bacteria present on fly legs and hands. Which of them has more bacteria? On which legs bacteria is more, in hind legs or front legs?

19.Waste Management System

20.Modeling the DNA double helix using Recycled Materials

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