Mosquito Larvae Capable Of Learning

Do you know mosquito larvae are capable of learning? It starts to learn very early because world is full of predators and In order for the prey to understand what their predators are, they have to learn it.
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Emergence of a New Disease as a Result of Inter specific Virulence Gene Transfer

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Computational Enzymes Synthesis

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Project About DNA

Build DNA Model

Modeling the DNA double Helix using recycled material :-

You can use different recycled material to make this project. This type of project helps us to save our project cost. This is just an idea , you can model anything related to biology for your project.

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Waste Management System

Green House ( Useful Project)

Green house is a place which is designed to make favorable environment for plants to grow.The structure of green house can be small shed or large buildings.

Why we need green house?
Control Environment : Temperature,Light , Humidity and things like that
Availability of particular vegetation throughout the year
Increase Production

How to build a green House

Things to consider:
1)Length x Width x Height should be in the ratio of 2:1:1
2)Deciding space for green space is difficult task but should be well thought of beforehand because it has commercial impact.Read More
3) Covering: Plastic,Glass,Fiberglass,Double Wall Plastic,Film Plastic. I read somewhere about using plastic and insulated with R-19 insulation.
4)Air Circulation
9)Water and CO2
10)Heat Source: Black 55 gallons barrels filled with water

Step by Step Guide for building your own Green House

Create Perfect Green House :-
Your greenhouse can give you a 6-10 week-longer harvest period in your garden depending on your location, as well as reducing problems with pests and diseases, by allowing you to plant healthy and robust seedlings in your garden when others are just planting seeds.

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How to build a GreenHouse

Build Your own Green House
What wiki Says about Green House

Water Management Project

Water Management Project details from Nasa
Water Management Project Video
Books related to Water Management in pdf format:
Water Management

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Microbial Fuel Cells
Generate electricity from waste water
Farm Ponds

Bio Energy Related Projects

Fuel cells are more efficient than diesel engine generators at converting biogas to electricity (40-50% vs. 10-30%). They also generate more heat. If the heat is
recovered for use on the farm, fuel cell efficiencies could be as high as 80-90%, making them
potentially more profitable than diesel engine

Def by wiki:-Bio Diesel or Bio Gas

Manure management Project

Manure Management Project detail’s : Corell Education

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Pdf file Containing all details about above project

Horse stable Manure Management

High School Projects

Plants Related Projects

Sodium fluoride grow plants faster or spring water(sodium fluoride is found in tooth paste and inp water

Read more about it

To document and measure plant tropisms :-

Phycomyces, a fungus, also exhibit phototropism

wiki definition :- tropism

Project related help at effect of sunlight on plant

Plant Tropism Report Format

Bio Hydrogen Generation by Genetically Engineered Microorganism:

Project report from Stanford University

More Projects from stanford University

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How does light affect the rate at which food spoils?

What happens to the way plants grow if there are no microorganisms in the soil? 

 Take a sample of fertile soil from a field or garden and divide it into two portions. Bake one in an oven (to destroy the microorganisms). Leave the other portion alone as a control. Plant the same number of seeds in each soil sample. Remember to treat both samples the same while the plants are growing. Make sure all the plants receive the same amounts of water and light, and are kept at the same temperature. How do the plants differ as they grow?

Hydroponics System


What is Bio-informatics ?

List of Project ideas
Berkeley Bio informatics and open source Projects
Rishi Projects
Davidson’s Project

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Human Genome Project Introduction

What wiki says about Biodiesel?
Biodiesel refers to a vegetable oil- or animal fat-based diesel fuel consisting of long-chain alkyl (methyl, ethyl, or propyl) esters.

Make your own BioDiesel
How Bio Diesel Works?
Use Pea Nut to heat water project
Uses of it

Science fair project reports :

Comparison Between Bio Diesel and Diesel in pdf format

Making Bio Diesel at Home Video

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Do Plants talk to each other?
Recent Studies shows that they do!Find out how?

Respiration System: 

Bio Gas
How Bio Gas Plant Works ?

Bio-gas typically refers to a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Organic waste such as dead plant and animal material, animal dung, and kitchen waste can be converted into a gaseous fuel called bio-gas.

 Biogas originates from bionic material and is a type of bio fuel  Bio gas is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable materials such as biomass, manure, sewage, municipal waste, green waste, plant material, and crops. Biogas comprises primarily methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and may have small amounts of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), moisture and Siloxanes.

Bio Gas Generator Project:

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