Research on cross-breeding

A Labradoodle, a crossbred between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.

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Grow plants under different conditions

Factors which effect the plant growth

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Test out fertilizer claims (makes plants 50% bigger!) by doing controlled experiments.

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Many plants have natural chemicals that act as antibiotics. You will see a clear area surrounding the extract that had the best ability to kill that particular bacteria.

Why the sky is blue. ( school kids project)

Answer of above question in detail

Mix cornstarch with water and have fun explaining what it is; liquid or solid.


Best Soil for Plant Growth

Which soil works best
Hydroponics System

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Take pea seeds and try and sprout them in different things- coffee beans, dirt, Styrofoam, rocks, a sponge, and give them all the same amount of water and light. chart their growth and note their differences.

Find out difference between organic Vs Inorganic

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