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IT Projects for Students

IT Projects for Students

Information Technology Projects :

Hospital Information System

Voice Identification System

Mail client Project

Search Engine Projects

Online Learning System

Human Resource Management System

Mobile Ticket Reservation System

Purchase Order System

Recruitment System

Real Estate Application software

Leave management system

Online Polling System 

Internet Banking System

Online Survey Tool

Recipe Management System

Meeting Scheduler System

Defect Tracking System

Online Auction System

Online Auction System in PHP 

Address book

PHP Address book

Video Rental System (Java / Tomcat open source application)

Online Web Conferencing

Library Management System

Home banking system

Hospital Information System

Knowledge sharing system

Meeting Room Booking System

Personal Finance Management System

Data Mining

A simple web crawler

Real-time multi-site e-commerce search

Web-based Named Entity Recognition

Learning relevance order over graphically linked objects

Exploiting Local Regularities in Text Segmentation using Conditional Random Fields

Statistical Learners for Information Extraction: An Empirical Approach     

Recurring Functional Sites in Protein Structures detected with allowance for the Substitution of Amino Acids.

Scalable infrastructure for index-based information extraction over large document collections

Efficient inference algorithm for large state space graphical model

Information Extraction in Diverse Setting

Anomaly Detection

Networking Projects

P-AODV: Extension of AODV for Partially Connected Ad Hoc Networks    

Hybrid Mechanism for Enhancing the Performance of Streaming Service in D-T MA    

WiMax MAC over WiFi PHY for rural communication    

A Contention Window Differentiation Mechanism for providing QoS in 802.11    

Video over variable bandwidth links

Performance Analysis of Telephony Routing Protocols

Load Sensitive Routing algorithm and its application in traffic engineering

Energy Efficient Event Reliable Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks    

Inter-operability of IEEE 802.11 with IEEE 802.11e   

Intelligent Car Transportation System (IntelliCarTS)   

Design and Implementation of WiFiRE protocol   

Design and implementation of PSTN/VoIP gateway with inbuilt PBX.
Extending Shikav to support animation of networking protocols    

Formal Specification and Verification of WiFiRe    

Performance Analysis of WiFi-Re(Wireless Fidelity - Rural Extension) 

Design and Implementation of PSTN to VoIP Gateway inbuilt Asterisk PBX    

Optimized and delay-sensitive service provisioning over SLiT networks


Web Monitoring for Lightweight Devices     

Compression in Flash-based Databases         

Distributed Computing

Topology-Aware Failure Diagnosis For Distributed Enterprise Systems.    

Object-level Partitioning of Applications

Power-Aware duty scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks    

Building Cluster Environment For Interactive Users    

Overload Control of Web Services with SEDA

Radio Frequency ID

Improving RFID System to read the tags efficiently    
RFID Security    

Object-Oriented Systems

Object-level Partitioning of Applications
On supporting Design evolution and traceability    


Improve Forecasting Performance Using Decomposition and Combining    

Using a Multitude of Time Series Forecasting Models to Improve Forecast    

 Short Term Load Forecasting    

An intelligent car transportation system
What is an Intelligent Transportation system?

Related PDF :

IIT Bombay paper from Rahul
Intelligent transportation system (ITS)  (3 MB approx)

Useful Sites for this project :
Advanced Vehicle Collision Safety Systems Rita
GPS-based geographic addressing, routing, and resource discovery.
A Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning. Mobile
and Ubiquitous Systems: Networking and Services, August 2004.
MAC for dedicated short-range communications in
the intelligent transport system
vehicle: Vehicular Anti-Collision Mechanism. Technical Report

Integrated Case-Based Reasoning And Rule-Based Reasoning for Insurance

Hybrid Model-Based Reasoning in Finance

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