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Internet Banking System

Internet Banking is the most common way of banking these days. It not only reduces the workload of the bank but also provided an opportunity for them to expand beyond the boundaries of branches. Moreover, it also helps their customers to do banking from the comfort of their homes.

What is Internet Banking?
Though it looks complex initially its just an expansion of traditional banking. Banks have always maintained a database of their customers and accounts on their servers. In past, these servers were only accessible from their client computers installed in the branch(Complex task still requires access to client computers) but now banks provided us access to their servers with authentication and limit our access to a single account.

Cyclos is an open-source online banking software for complementary currency systems like LETS and Barter networks.

FreePay is an online free banking solution based on public banking and European financial standards that associate multicurrency, free market, BIC (SWIFT Bank Code), IBAN, payment, credit card number validation, and commerce.

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