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History Project Ideas

History of immigration in United States : It is always interesting topic to study. Immigration has been vital part of USA since its foundation. Interesting thing with this is that pattern of people coming to USA change with the time.Initially they were English, after that they were Europeans and now they are from Latin America,China and India.

It would be interesting to find what causes that change?
Chinese American contribution to Transcontinental railroad
MohanDas Karamchand Gandhi :

Public figure who taught us power of peace. He was central figure of India Independence and he got this for India with peaceful demonstration and non cooperation movement.

Voting in America  : Right to vote is a right of each and every American adult but it was not like that. There is lot to study about its history .
Black Sox scandal of 1919 : This Scandal took place around and during baseball world series. Eight players of league were involved in throwing games .

Nelson Mandela

History of popsicles : Ice lolly or water ice on a stick called Popsicle was invented by Frank Epperson in 1905

Freedom Struggle of Different Countries : 

Before the second world war there was imperialism system existed all over the world. There were empire culture. After world war when these empires got weaker , many countries started to raise there voice against there occupation. They asked for complete freedom. You can choose freedom movement from any of these type of countries as your history project.

World War 2 :

It itself a very interesting topic , you can research on that why it happened? What were the reasons that it was inevitable and things like that.

Cold War :

Why it happened? Its effect on social economic relations of nations? What were the decisions taken by world leaders during that period and its effect on the world?

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